Top advantages of diesel engines and diesel generators

The best diesel generators have diesel engines that run on the diesel fuel. Diesel engines are used in generators because of their many advantages. For starters, a diesel engine is a preferable and efficient tool to have on a generator compared with a gasoline engine. Unlike before when gasoline engines were used in generators because they produced less noise, modern technologies have enabled companies to now manufacture diesel engines that produce less noise. Modern diesel generators are now quiet and this is one reason why they are used in establishments such as hospitals and court rooms during power blackouts.

It is also easy to maintain diesel engines than it is to maintain gasoline engines. Because of the reliable and rugged nature of diesel engines, this has made diesel generators more reliable in many ways. Diesel generators can power many electrical components at home simultaneously. The reliable nature of diesel generators means industries can use them to manufacture goods without interruptions. Because sparking occurs when diesel fuel ignites, the ruggedness of diesel engines ensures that no sparking occurs when the fuel starts to auto-ignite. Lack of spark wires or spark plugs is an advantage because it lowers the maintenance costs of the onan 8000 quiet diesel generator.

The cost of diesel fuel per every Kilowatt produced is estimated to be between 30% and 50% lower compared to that of gasoline. This means that despite the fact that the cost of diesel is higher than gasoline, one will not need to buy more fuel when using diesel as opposed to using gasoline. A water cooled generator that runs on diesel fuel and has an rpm of 1800 will operate for 30,000 hours without demanding for major maintenance. This is unlike having the same gasoline unit, which will operate for a maximum of 10,000 hours and demand for servicing. However, the onan 7500 quiet diesel generator service manual recommends that servicing of diesel generators should be done regularly to ensure efficiency.