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10up posted a Gutenberg Best Practices website as a public resource with tutorials, documentation, and sample code. Keeping documentation current hasn’t been a strong point of Official Project Gutenberg because the pace of the project makes it difficult to keep track of contributors and extenders.

“Gutenberg has introduced a whole new editorial paradigm for content creation and page building in WordPress,” said Fabian Kaegy, Associate Director of Editorial Engineering at 10up. “Because the block editor is still relatively new, it is progressing rapidly and changes are being introduced regularly; as such, learning opportunities are rare and we felt an absence of best practice documentation that meets 10up standards for craftsmanship.

10up’s Gutenberg Best Practices have been written to supplement the core WordPress documentation with what Kaegy said is a “more customer services-centric approach tailored to enterprise-level editorial experiences.”

For developers new to the block editor, the Reference The section has a wealth of information on the anatomy of a block, the fundamentals of block theming with theme.json, block extensions, block variations, and more, with videos and gifs to follow. support. The documentation also gives a little more context for practical use. For example, the section on Transform Blocks includes information on when and how to set block transforms.

10up’s Gutenberg Best Practices Training section contains a mini crash course on the file structure of a block and all its components, and how to create a custom block using the 10up starter block. This is especially useful for developers looking for additional guidance to develop their first blocks.

The guides The section contains more advanced topics such as extending basic blocks and including front-end JS with a block. Documentation is available on GitHub anyone to contribute to the changes. The site also provides links to a discussion board on GitHub where developers are invited to participate in discussions and workshops on best practices in collaboration with 10up employees. 10up has released the Gutenberg Best Practices website with a beta designation and intends to update and expand it as WordPress evolves.

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