12% of all website traffic from Twitter is made up of bots, Report

A report released by Israeli cybersecurity firm CHEQ on Monday, May 30, states that 12% of all traffic from Twitter is made up of bots.

The cybersecurity firm said it analyzed 5.21 million website visits from Twitter using more than 2,000 cybersecurity parameters to determine each user’s authenticity.

The study found that 11.71% of all visits were driven by bots or fake users. The range of malware includes spambots, scrapers, botnets, click farms, and automation tools, as well as other forms of fake, fraudulent, and non-human traffic.

“The data suggests that Twitter’s bot problem is probably more than 5%,” said Guy Tytunovich, Founder and CEO of CHEQ. “Our study focused on users who switched from Twitter to other websites.”

About a fortnight ago, billionaire investor Elon Musk suspended his deal to buy Twitter, saying the social media giant had to provide proof that less than 5% of accounts are fake or spam. Musk had indicated in a Tweet that he believed nearly 20% of Twitter accounts were spam or fake.

Musk’s May 17 tweet stated, “20% fake/spam accounts, when 4 times what Twitter claims, could be much higher. My offer was based on the accuracy of Twitter’s SEC filings. The Twitter CEO has publicly refused to show

The CHEQ report further states: “If you consider that many bots do not click on other sites and only stay on Twitter, it seems very likely that bot traffic inside the platform it -even could be significantly higher than 12%.”

It’s still unclear what Musk will do with the new revelations. Its takeover bid for Twitter is still pending, and Twitter has also not communicated the way forward.

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