Monthly Archives: February 2021

Florida school safety app flooded with spam

An online ‘suspicious activity reporting tool’ set up by the state to bolster school safety has been inundated with false reports or ‘spam’, and the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission wants to see it. to look closer. The Fortify Florida app, also known as FortifyFL, was created …

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection warns of scam calls in which scammers impersonate Border Patrol agents – NBC Los Angeles

Authorities are warning of a new scam where Border Patrol agents would call people to tell them they’re in trouble for committing criminal activity. When scammers call, they use a threatening tone to induce fear and make people easily fall into their trap. Imagine your phone rings, you notice the …

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Why you should never click “unsubscribe” on an illegal spam email

If you’re like me, every morning when you check your emails you find the same spam even though you’ve unsubscribed hundreds of times. Cannabis candy? I unsubscribed yesterday. Summary Research Refinance Company? Nope. A natural cure for diabetes? I don’t even have diabetes. It seems that no matter how careful …

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