Monthly Archives: April 2021

Fake reviews and rating manipulation continue to plague App Store rankings

With such a focus on the App Store right now, Apple’s main argument is that its App Store review policies provide safety and security for users. However, unscrupulous apps continue to slip through the cracks and garner millions of Apple customers before they are caught. One of the main drivers …

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Advice from Heloise: spam | Journalist

Today’s Sound Off show is about the websites: Dear Héloïse: Almost every website I visit wants me to enter my email address or name or more. I might be looking for some information, but these sites don’t just let me go in and watch what they are offering without getting …

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Google Phone app deploys the ability to record unknown callers

The ability to record callers in the Google Phone app is a popular addition, but the functionality expands to include the ability to automatically record all calls from numbers that aren’t in your contacts. If you receive a lot of unwanted calls or have trouble with people calling from numbers …

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