Ads in the Microsoft Outlook app for Android and iOS are getting worse

The Microsoft Outlook app for Android and iOS shows more ads than before. New banners appear directly in the inbox.

Microsoft is showing more ads in its Outlook app

As you may know, Outlook mobile app has two main tabs or views, Focused Inbox and Others. The former collects important emails, while the Other tab shows all emails in your inbox.

Ads are not good for a user’s privacy, but this time banners pose another problem. The advertisements look like regular mails which might trick users into exploiting them. They appear at the very top of the page with a contact bubble next to it, and that’s what makes it look like a real email. The banners have a small text indicator that says “Announcement”, but this could easily be missed. This is similar to what Google does with ads in its Gmail app (Promotions tab).

You can swipe the ad (left to right) to dismiss it, just like you would with a real email. This is not a permanent fix as the ad shows up again after some time or after restarting the app.

Some reports claim that ads open in an in-app browser, but that’s not the case for me. These are clickable links that open in your default web browser.

How to Disable Advertisements in Microsoft Outlook Application

Advertisements for the Microsoft Outlook app for iOS and Android have been slowly rolling out to users over the past few months. Users can opt out of ads by purchasing a Microsoft 365 subscription. In a statement given to The Verge, Microsoft said that users can avoid these ads by enabling targeted inbox. This will limit announcements to the “Other” inbox.

To do this, tap your profile picture in the top left corner. Now tap the gear icon to open Outlook settings. Scroll down until you see Focused Inbox, tap on it to toggle the feature. This will add the Focused Inbox tab to the app’s home screen.

enable focused inbox in Microsoft Outlook application

If none of these options seem like an acceptable solution, don’t worry. There is another way to get rid of ads, using a private DNS service that blocks ads. I am using NextDNS and noticed that ads only appear when I disabled DNS, but with it enabled the ads were blocked. You may need to close the application and start it after applying the DNS settings, for the change to take effect.

Ads in the Microsoft Outlook app for Android and iOS are getting worse

Want to switch to another app? you can check out K9 Mail and FairEMail for Android, both of which are open source, although only the latter supports OAuth. iOS users might want to stick with the iOS Stock Mail app.

Separately, the Microsoft Outlook web app for Windows 11 which was leaked a few months ago, now works with personal accounts that have Hotmail addresses, Outlook and is expected to add support for Gmail accounts soon. Here is a screenshot of the app interface.

Apple is also reportedly testing ads in its iPhone apps, and they may be implemented in the Apple Maps app in iOS 16.

Do you use the Outlook app on your phone?


Ads in the Microsoft Outlook app for Android and iOS are getting worse

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Ads in the Microsoft Outlook app for Android and iOS are getting worse

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Microsoft is showing more announcements in the Outlook app for Android and iOS. Here’s how you can block ads.




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