Amazon Prime is no longer a separate app, a website

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If you need an essential product fast, it’s hard to beat Prime Now’s one-hour and two-hour delivery options. However, Amazon has decided to no longer offer Prime Now as a separate app.

Like Amazon explains, Prime Now isn’t going away as a service, it’s just moving to be part of Amazon’s main app. You’ll still have the ability to deliver over 25,000 essential items in one hour for a fee of $7.99 (or no charge if two-hour delivery is sufficient), but purchasing, order tracking, and customer relations customer services will be handled in the Amazon app.

Why the change? Amazon says it will provide customers with a more seamless experience. The integration has already taken place in India, Japan and Singapore, but the focus is now on the United States and other markets where Amazon operates. The goal is to move Prime Now, including any third-party partners that rely on it, to Amazon’s core shopping experience before retiring the app and website later this year.

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Prime Now was originally suggested in 2014 when Stephenie Landry, VP of Groceries at Amazon, wrote a six-page document ‘describing a service that would allow customers to get last-minute items in about an hour’ . It was codenamed Houdini and, “In just 111 days, our team took the concept outlined in this six-page document and turned it into Prime Now, which became the foundation for the super-fast grocery business. and Same Day Delivery from Amazon.”

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