Android launches new Google spam protection feature in messages

Previously, spam was something we only really dealt with in our emails, but nowadays it annoys us in the form of phone calls and text messages as well. Fortunately, Android has introduced several features to combat this, and Google seems to be rolling out its latest feature to prevent spam in its Messages app.

It’s not live for everyone just yet, and it’s unclear just how fast or widespread the rollout is. Users with this feature reported receiving a pop-up prompt announcing the new spam protection when they opened the Messages app. The notification states that Google will collect data about a user’s posts, but not the actual content, in order to protect against spam.

The feature can be disabled in the Advanced section of the settings, under “Spam protection”. Google’s support page also includes the following details about the feature:

“To help identify spammers, Google temporarily stores the phone numbers of people who send and receive messages with you and the time they sent messages with you, but does not store your phone number or the content. of these messages. ”

This is in comparison to spam reports that users manually send to Google, which include a full copy of the message as well as the spammer’s and recipient’s phone numbers.

We’ll have to wait for a wider rollout of the feature to see how effective it is at preventing spam. However, Android users who have serious concerns about how much information Google has access to, would be better off switching from standard texting to using a dedicated third-party messaging app that offers encryption.

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