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As we all live in an age of violence and intimidation, the security concerns in the world today are a very serious problem. Similar to this, the security issue in the tech industry is not a very strange event. Currently, many tech giants like Apple are facing very serious security concerns.

Apple is about to launch its iPhone 14, inside Apple’s leaks, several updates are underway and the tech giant plans to have some huge surprises in store for its user.

Although Apple is the leading tech company, they still face serious software, privacy, and security issues with their older versions.

IPhone 13 users are currently facing some issues with their device such as camera bugs, unresponsive screen and many more, and this should be of concern to Apple management. IPhone and iPad users face problems in almost every area.

The tech giant needs to work on these issues as iOS 15 upgrades and currently iPhone 13 users will stop their future upgrading in their phones until Apple fixes all of these issues.

If we’re talking about security, an Apple insider app developer Kosta Eleftheriou in a series of tweets, it was revealed that Apple had serious security flaws, rather “shocking flaws” in Apple’s app store, which encouraged fraudsters to take advantage of the online shopping system. apps to loot millions of iPhone and iPad users.

Kosta Eleftheriou says the Apple App Store is a factory of spam apps. The developer highlights the range of licensed apps which includes simple services like photo filters, from kids’ game apps to movie trailers. These apps asked users to insert codes that led them to steal online. Plus, Apple is getting its fair share of these apps, which sounds shocking.

Apple currently hosts a lot of illegal movie streaming apps and makes good fortune out of them.

The Apple insider pointed out some very serious issues and the fact that Apple management is very aware of all of these applications. These apps have been accessible for months, but they don’t take any relentless action against them and besides that, they also reap the benefits.

Plus, all of these apps have two million downloads and generate $ 16,000 per month or $ 6 million per year. In addition, social media influencers with millions of subscribers also promote these apps.

Apple really needs to work on its security before it loses the loyal following it has gained over the years.

Update: Apple has informed the media that they have removed all illegal apps discovered by Kosta Eleftheriou.

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