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Barracuda Email Protection offers a multi-layered approach to the many challenges businesses face when it comes to managing email security. Armed with Barracuda Email Protection, IT and security teams can quickly identify the scope of an incident and automate post-delivery remediation, saving time and significantly reducing the risk of a potential security breach.

Cybercriminals are moving from volumetric attacks to targeted attacks, from malware to social engineering. Barracuda Email Protection addresses this challenge by offering a multi-layered approach to email security that includes a secure email gateway, AI-based phishing and spoofing protection, awareness training security and automated incident response.

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Barracuda’s cloud email gateway defense provides comprehensive protection against volumetric attacks such as spam, malware, and ransomware. Barracuda also uses a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) engine that automatically detects and stops spear phishing attacks in real time, including account takeover protection. Email Protections AI integrates with Office 365 to learn users’ unique communication patterns and instantly respond to anomalies by removing threats from users’ inboxes. The product also offers threat hunting tools and automated incident response for post-delivery threats.

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