Beware of the Slice app! Google says quickly remove from phone

Google has asked users of the Slice app to remove it because it spies on their personal data. However, Slice later released a clarification on this. Check the details.

Security concerns have increased lately as several companies have reported stealing personal information and user data from various apps. According to the latest information provided by Google, the fintech company Slice app is trying to spy on users’ personal data. Google Play Protect is known to keep scanning apps regularly to identify malicious apps that try to steal user data. According to a report by, Google Play Protect sent a notification on June 24 saying, “Slice puts your device at risk.”

The report further states that as soon as users click on a notification from the Slice app, they will be redirected to the Play Protect page which informs that Slice is a harmful app and attempts to spy on personal data, such as messages, photos, audio recordings. or call history. Google Play Protect also recommended users to uninstall the app from their device.

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Giving their reaction to the issue, Slice posted a clarification on Twitter, saying the issue had been resolved. “Last night our Android update led to a risk message from Playstore. We investigated and fixed the issue within 4 hours 1% of app users are still on the previous version. If you are experiencing this issue, we will ask you to uninstall and reinstall your app as soon as possible,” Slice tweeted on June 24.

Later on June 25, Slice released a statement again saying, “We assure you that slice, as always, is fully committed to protecting your data and privacy. We promise there has been no change in our app that would result in the breach of your data and privacy.”

“This is an isolated case of a technical issue caused by insufficient information being relayed with the application update on slice UPI, which has since been resolved. We are investigating this further to ensure this does not will happen again,” Slice added and apologized for the inconvenience.

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