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New Delhi: in a major crackdown on the so-called Chinese loan application racketpolice raided a three-story building in Sector 7 of Dwarka and arrested four suspects, including the kingpin, who were recovering money on behalf of their Chinese handlers. The racket was run by a BPO and consulting firm called Fly High Global Services with 134 women and 15 men as employees.
The company had purchased 300 SIM cards on behalf of another company and used 100 of them to threaten people with paying multiple times the amount they got from the loan application. “Since March, the gang has allegedly extorted Rs 10 crore from their Chinese handlers and obtained Rs 3 crore as commission. They were in contact with their handlers through the multilingual Ding app. We seized 141 phones, 10 Android mobiles, 153 hard drives and three laptops and asked employees to join the investigation,” said Brijendra Kumar Yadav, DCP (Outer North).
It was while scrolling through his Facebook timeline that victim Himanshu Goel came across an advertisement for “hassle-free loans in minutes” via an app. Curious and cash-strapped, Goel downloaded the On Stream app to his phone. As is the case with many apps, On Stream asked for certain permissions which Goel immediately granted.
He then got a loan of Rs 6,870 but that was just the start of a nightmare. The gang started harassing him using his contacts and photos stored in his cell phone. Goel was forced to pay around Rs 1 lakh on the grounds that the loan was granted on daily compound interest. Despite paying the large sum, the harassment for him and his family members (contacts) did not stop and they continued to receive threatening messages. It was then that the victim filed a complaint on the national cybercrime portal.
Police filed an FIR and a task force led by ACP Yashpal and Inspectors Raman, Sandeep and Devender was formed to investigate the syndicate. Upon investigation, technical surveillance details led cops to a building in Dwarka where they found the gang operating from offices on the first, third and fourth floors. The investigation revealed that of the 300 SIM cards purchased by operators, 200 were labeled as spam and thrown away.
The stopped The mastermind was identified as Anil, 35, and his associates as Alok Sharma, 24, Avnish, 22, and Kannan, 35. The four men had previously worked in BPOs and knew how they worked. The other employees received notices under Section 41A of the Code of Criminal Procedure, requiring them to appear before the police for investigation.
“Callers used to threaten victims of loan scams in order to extort money from them. They transformed the photographs of the victims and their relatives, sometimes even using the photographs of their Aadhaar and PAN cards. Under pressure, loan takers repaid several times the amount they had borrowed,” an officer said.


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