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Ocean Explorers is down 100K NFT, deploying Civic Pass to protect drops from bot spam, as a way to illustrate large-scale bot protection for major NFT currencies.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 20, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Civic, a leader in digital identity solutions for the Web3, will be the official protection partner for the next ocean explorers NFT drop. Co-founders of Ocean Explorers Vinny Lingham, Michael Tant, Jason Plepel and Concept Arthouse intend to deposit free of charge and progressively 100K NFT, with 10 factions of 10K NFT each, to bring a wide range of new users to the NFT market. Wide downside access is much easier thanks to Solana’s low fees and speed.

By leveraging a new suite of tools based on its flagship Civic Pass, Civic addresses a botting issue that has plagued NFT drops and created a poor user experience for human participants. Civic also introduces a tool, called uniqueness check, which determines the uniqueness of the user. Each user will be able to use a wallet, which will make dropping a fairer experience across the board. With this new tool, Civic aims to prevent bots from hoarding most of the NFT inventory and selling it on secondary markets for profit.

Civic also provides tools that can help avoid price manipulation and inventory denial. By requiring NFT shoppers to verify that they are not bots, Civic Pass has already prevented over a million bots from participating in over 275 mints.

Early previews of Ocean Explorers reveal a nice array of ocean characters, including pirates, deep-sea soldiers, and surfers. A full roadmap, or treasure map, will be revealed in the coming months.

Vinny Linghamthe co-founder of Oceans Explorers, shared, “Using free NFTs, a community of 100k real people, whose participation is not excluded from the start, could become very powerful. In order to build a large, diverse community, we need to prevent bots from exploiting the drop. This is now possible with a new Civic Pass uniqueness check.”

Chris HartCEO of Civic, said, “As the official bot protection partner of Ocean Explorers, we are excited to participate in this first free airdrop of 100K NFT. By limiting the downside to support a diverse set of human shoppers, this project will be a prime example of how to leverage NFTs as a massive community building tool. »

“Ocean Explorers is a deep lore-based, entirely original collection with complex world-building. It’s also designed to be technically unique so we can set limits on the number of NFTs each person can buy during the mint”, explained Jason Plepel, from the Ocean Explorers team. “We are excited to launch this ambitious NFT community and look forward to seeing people commit and become long-term contributing members.”

Get ready for the mint by securing your uniqueness verification now for a small fee and join the Ocean Explorers Discord community for the latest minting information.

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About Civic

Civic is a leading provider of identity management tools for Web3, allowing users to easily and privately manage their identities across chains with a reusable on-chain representation of their identity. The company’s flagship product, Civic Pass, is an integrated authorization tool that helps enterprise customers enable secure access to their on-chain assets. Users can also manage their Web3 identity, presence and reputation with a dashboard. Civic aims to be the world’s most trusted on-chain Web3 identity tool, used by billions every day. Civic was co-founded in 2015 by Vinny Lingham and jonathan smith.

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