CleverTap acquires integrated communications company Patch

Thursday 11-11-2021 14:22

Vikrant chowdhary

User engagement and retention company CleverTap acquired Patch, whose technology allows businesses to tag and integrate communication channels, including voice, chat, and push notifications directly into consumer apps. This is achieved without the need to disclose the phone numbers or personal data of the caller and recipient, ensuring that two-way communication complies with confidentiality.

The company said the acquisition, the first in its eight years of existence, is an important indicator as it rapidly expands capabilities and innovation. He noted that currently all companies that offer apps are forced to use unverified phone numbers to communicate with their customers and update them on urgent information such as delivery status or shipping charges. recent credit card. These calls, which are delivered outside of the app experience and without the critical context of the transaction, along with recognizable phone numbers or a familiar caller ID, can generate anxiety and mistrust among customers. . Often rejected as spam by consumers, it often goes unanswered resulting in a bad experience for the consumer and lost revenue for the business which is unable to connect with consumers when they expect it or even ask the most.

“For consumers, knowing who is calling and understanding the context from within the app increases trust and drives digital interactions and transactions,” said Vikrant Chowdhary, Chief Growth Officer, CleverTap. “As customers engage more frequently or deeper, brands and businesses also benefit as they reduce friction and increase opportunities to generate revenue. The acquisition is strategic and important as it positions CleverTap as the first and only marketing and retention platform to offer in-app telephony capabilities.

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