ComiXology announces new app, closes non-Amazon website

ComiXology CEO Announces Widespread Changes to Digital Comic Book Company, Including New App and Closure of External ComiXology Website

The digital comic landscape is heating up with a number of major announcements of new digital comic book projects from creators like Scott Snyder, Jonathan Hickman, Jeff Lemire, James Tynion IV and Nick Spencer and now ComiXology is announcing major changes in digital comics business in the future.

ComiXology CEO David Steinberger released a letter revealing the company’s upcoming updates in the fall, including a new app and the shutdown of the company’s external website as it goes. fully integrates with

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With the announcement of a new app comes promises of much better filters and sorting capabilities, which has long been an area in which ComiXology has drawn some criticism from users.

The most interesting part of the announcement, however, is that ComiXology would cease to exist as a separate website, with the external website ultimately being redirected to a new section of Amazon’s website hosting the ComiXology material. The letter even included a link so you can preview what the new site will look like.

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The other changes appear to be aimed at fully integrating the ComiXology experience into Amazon’s user experience. The letter states that “Kindle Unlimited and Prime members will be able to borrow from a large library of graphic novels and manga on the comiXology app” (in select countries). Therefore, it looks like it’s part of a big effort to put Amazon’s eggs in one cohesive basket, while still allowing the separate ComiXology app.

Even there, however, the letter notes that “Soon you will also be able to read comiXology purchases on the Kindle app, giving you more flexibility in deciding where and how you read your books,” which certainly suggests that the goal ultimate here is to streamline the digital reading experience for Amazon users so that whatever service you started with, you will end up in a similar situation eventually which will likely make it easier for Amazon to market more easily. material going forward, especially with his recent major deal with Scott Snyder for a slew of new digital comics.

There were also some maintenance advisories, such as a promise to improve download speeds and allow users to read while downloading on Android devices.

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Source: Comixology

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