Dashlane Launches New Dark Web Insights Tool, MFA Authenticator App and Small Business Starter Plan

Password manager provider Dashlane has announced updates to its suite of enterprise offerings. These include a new Dark Web Insights tool that provides a breakdown of compromised passwords, a standalone authenticator app to enable multi-factor account authentication (MFA), and a low-cost starter plan for small businesses. The company has also introduced a new live phone support service through which users can request and book a call directly with the Dashlane support team.

Employee credential breaches on the dark web pose a significant threat to businesses

In a press release, Dashlane said its new Dark Web Insights tool “streams” over 20 billion records related to hacks or data breaches on the dark web, providing users with a tailored breakdown. compromised passwords in their organization. Dark Web Insights also gives admins the ability to scan their organization for hacked credential incidents and prompt non-Dashlane employees who have been hacked to start using Dashlane through provisioning integrated seats. The company said that by combining this alert feature with the ability to generate new random and unique passwords, administrators can act quickly when alerted to compromised credentials.

Heather Hankins, security specialist at the National Educational Telecommunications Association, said it’s useful for security teams to know if and when employees have experienced a credential breach. “That way, when you help them deal with [a breach]you also train them and give them valuable safety tips to prevent this from happening again in the future.

A recent report from Searchlight Security detailed a case study on how employee credentials can be exposed on the dark web and how dark web monitoring can help protect organizations by anticipating attacks. According to Executives Under Threat 2022, the vendor conducted a dark web search for data attributes belonging to specific employees of a major US healthcare organization. Although he found no evidence that the organization had suffered an attack, his search uncovered multiple data points tied to an individual employee, including work and personal email addresses, phone numbers, vehicle registration of their spouse as well as the telephone numbers of their children and their home address. By uncovering this information, the organization’s security team was able to implement a more proactive security posture and address the potential threat of a targeted attack on the executive or his family, which could impact the company itself.

Dashlane Authenticator App Launched Amid Rise in MFA Fatigue Attacks

In addition to dark web monitoring, Dashlane announced a standalone authenticator app to provide an easy way to enable MFA for all compatible accounts. Available on iOS and Android devices, Dashlane Authenticator was designed as an equivalent to the Dashlane Password Manager app, making 2FA token autofill transparent to vault items and enabling secure sharing of passwords and passwords. 2FA codes, the company said.

While MFA is often touted as a vital security feature, recent high-profile breaches suggest it’s certainly not a security panacea, with attackers finding ways around it. The attacks on Uber and Twilio highlighted an increase in MFA Fatigue campaigns, whereby cybercriminals spam an employee whose credentials have been compromised with MFA authorization requests until they are annoyed and approves the request, scraping the attacker’s access. It’s a simple but effective technique that relies on the user’s lack of training and understanding of the attack vector.

Additionally, small businesses and entrepreneurs can now opt for Dashlane’s new Starter option, a low-cost plan for teams of up to 10 people for $20 per month, while the new helpline Company Live is now available for Business, Team and Starter. Plan users the same way, he said. Live chat support is available in English, French and German, Dashlane added.

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