Do you have the Truecaller app? Your spam call experience will change forever

TRAI is preparing to bring a new mechanism to reveal caller ID which is different from Truecaller. Unwanted callers need to worry!

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) will soon adopt a mechanism that will flash the caller’s KYC-based name on the recipient’s smartphone screens whenever they receive a call, a senior official has confirmed. So whenever someone calls you, this system displays the real name of the caller which is recorded as Know Your Customer (KYC). This will basically help in reducing the number of spam calls users receive on a daily basis. Not only that, it will also fight against fraud. The reason being that the true identity of the caller will be displayed. Currently, when scammers call people and say they represent a bank or business, the recipient of the call may actually believe them and fall prey to a scam. These fraudsters are able to convince gullible people to give them their bank details. This will end with the new system is in place.

This comes as the TRAI received a referral to launch a consultation on the same issues from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). TRAI President PD Vaghela suggested that consultation on this should start in a few months. “We just got a referral, and we’ll start working on it soon. The KYC names will show up when someone calls,” Vaghela said as quoted by PTI.

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The move is significant because the system would help identify callers based on their KYC and provide greater accuracy and transparency than certain apps such as the TrueCaller app, which identify callers based on crowdsourced data. Well, this may turn out to be bad news for Truecaller-like apps. Once the framework for a new KYC-based procedure is established, identity verification will become more obvious and legally defensible. Because there will be KYC links, it will also have a significant effect on cleaning data on crowdsourced applications.

When asked if the procedure would remain voluntary, sources said it was too early to discuss the procedures as many issues will be raised during the consultation phase, the report said.

“We welcome all actions by the mission to make communication safe and efficient,” the Truecaller spokesperson said.

“Number identification is crucial to ending the threat of spam and fraudulent calls and we at Truecaller have worked tirelessly on this important mission for the past 13 years. We appreciate this decision by Trai and would like to to reiterate that we remain very supportive of this and any future initiatives they have,” the Truecaller spokesperson added.

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