“Does my iPhone need virus protection?”

Recently, we shared our top antivirus protection picks in 2022 and asked a number of questions about needing protection on an iPhone.

Yes, Apple iPhone is more secure than Android devices, but neither offers the full protection that you would get from good third-party protection.

Apple is generally very good at protecting its own devices, but not perfect.

  • In 2007 there was only one vulnerability found in the iPhone
  • In 2021, the number increased to 360 iPhone vulnerabilities
  • A total of 2,573 vulnerabilities plagued the iPhone from 2007 to 2021

What the extra protection can do will go further to guard against the attacks that are becoming more and more common.

iPhone protection can really pay off to protect you against vulnerabilities that occur in iOS and before Apple has a chance to offer a fix. Hackers look for vulnerabilities and maximize attacks during the window of time before they are patched.

The iPhone has fewer attacks primarily due to its closed-code design. Apple does not share all of its code and provides stronger protection against damage from infection because Apple designed iOS to prevent one app from taking over another app or your iPhone.

Where extra iPhone protection works best is protecting you from the threats that bombard us through email, text messages, and social media. Phishing attacks can trick any of us into handing over personally identifying information to legitimate-looking sites that are fake fakes designed to steal.

Although the Safari browser offers some protection against malicious websites, additional protection can go further by protecting you from malicious links and when it offers a VPN to protect data going in and out of your iPhone.

For example, Apple recently patched a security flaw that could have potentially exposed your Apple ID information and app search history to bad actors. More dangerous was the real threat that a malicious third-party app had the power to override your privacy preferences according to a support document released with the patch that came months later.

The CVE Details database maintains a list of iPhone iOS vulnerabilities which show that most security vulnerabilities remain a threat for 3-4 months before being patched. Apple does not discuss security threats to its software while the vulnerability poses a danger.

What iPhone Extra Protection Can Do

In our review methodology, we look for iPhone protection features that work to detect unsecured WiFi networks that are easy for cybercriminals to gain access to your device, protections against malicious websites on n’ any browser, app and link in a text message or email. that neutralizes or alerts you to a potential threat.

Good iOS protection will also be able to identify suspicious calendar invites containing risky links that could compromise your personal data in seconds.

The most important aspect of any additional protection is how well threat data is retained and how it is used to robustly identify dangers before they have a chance to cause you harm.

I used to see security and device protection add-ons as useful. Now it’s clear that reliable security protection on all your digital devices is essential.

One of the best antivirus apps for Android and iPhone is TotalAV. Their paid product is packed with features designed to work beyond your phone to also protect computers and laptops from malware and keep you safe while browsing the internet, including ransomware protection, one-time virus protection real, virus and malware removal, a tool to free up your computer space, and more. Limited time offer for CyberGuy readers: $19 for the first year (80% off)

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