DuckDuckGo’s email protection service is now available to all users

DuckDuckGo’s email protection service is now available to all users. The privacy-friendly option, which debuted last year, is still in beta.

Until now, the only way to get a email address was to join a waitlist and wait a few weeks or so for the notification to arrive.

What is DuckDuckGo’s Email Protection Service

DuckDuckGo’s Email Protection is an email alias service that hides your real email address. It lets you create a personalized email address that collects emails sent to it. The service removes all trackers from mail, including those that may be hidden in images and scripts. Once it purges the trackers, it forwards the mail to your main email inbox. The company announced that it now supports link tracking in emails to remove trackers from URLs. The service has been upgraded with Smarter Encryption, which replaces insecure HTTP links with HTTPS wherever possible.

How to get an email address

Mobile users

If you have the DuckDuckGo mobile app on your Android mobile or iPhone, go to the Settings page and tap on Mail Protection.

DuckDuckGo's email protection service is now available to all users

Desktop users

Prefer to use it from your computer? Next, you will need to install the DuckDuckGo extension on Firefox or Chrome, and visit macOS users can directly use the DuckDuckGo browser privacy service.

Click the Get Started button, accept the terms and services, and the website will prompt you to choose your email address. Next, you will need to choose the email address your emails should be sent to, i.e. the forwarding address, e.g. your Gmail, Outlook email id.

Note: You can change the forwarding address at any time from the Email Protection dashboard.

duckduckgo email protection change forwarding address

DuckDuckGo’s email protection does not require a password, when you try to log into your account on a new browser or device, it will send an authentication code to your registered email address. Enter it to access your inbox. Now, you can submit your new duck address instead of your primary ID whenever you need to create accounts with third-party services.

duckduckgo email forwarding

Go ahead and try sending an email to your new duck address, or try signing up for a newsletter on any website that uses it, you’ll receive the emails in your inbox. duck. The mail he sends you contains a banner warning you that the trackers have been removed, it also contains a link for an email protection report.

duckduckgo email reportClicking the link opens a report that tells you which trackers have been removed, if links have been upgraded to HTTPS, sender information, and more.

duckduckgo email forwarding report

The service is not limited to forwarding emails, you can reply to emails that are sent to your address, the sender will not be able to see your primary email ID.

That’s not all it can do, DuckDuckGo can also create unique private Duck addresses that you can use instead of your personal Duck ID. It’s kind of like a temporary email id. This adds another layer of privacy protection. These unique addresses can be generated from the dashboard. If you start receiving spam or phishing emails, you can disable this address and create a new one to replace it. Using an email alias can prevent your real ID from being harvested by websites, spam, leaks, data breaches, etc.

Here are some free alternatives for DuckDuckGo email protection: SimpleLogin, AnonAddy, and Firefox Relay.

What email alias service do you use?


DuckDuckGo's email protection service is now available to all users

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DuckDuckGo’s email protection service is now available to all users

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The DuckDuckGo email protection service is now available to all users. Here’s how to get an email address.




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