DuckDuckGo’s email protection service is now available to everyone

The free tracking interceptor service is now available to the public to get their own email address.

Up to 320 billion spam messages are sent every day and up to 94% of malware is transmitted through spam. Additionally, more than half of all global email traffic is spam, so email users often have to rely on their email provider’s spam protection technologies or fend for themselves. But now tech developers like DuckDuckGo are addressing the need for better spam protection.

Forbes reported that outside of these statistics, Google’s Gmail sends over 100 million phishing emails daily as of 2020. To help combat these and other spam-related issues, DuckDuckGo enables now anyone interested in its tracking interceptor service to get their hands on it. free. After rolling out its Email Protection service through a private beta in 2021, the company now allows the general public to get a free “” email address and use the service to intercept email trackers. -mails before they arrive in a user’s inbox.

According to Bleeping Computer, DuckDuckGo’s email protection service first launched in closed beta in July 2021. The beta is still ongoing, but the Paoli, Pennsylvania-based company has decided to making it publicly available last week by introducing several new features. such as a direct reply feature and smart encryption for embedded links.

What to expect from DuckDuckGo’s email protection service

DuckDuckGo’s Email Protection Service is a unique email forwarding solution that removes advertising and profiling trackers from an email before it reaches the typical email inbox. an user. When the email is received on their “” account, users receive a brief report on the number of trackers removed and the companies behind the trackers, among other details.

According to DuckDuckGo, the year-long beta program showed that more than 85% of all tester communication emails contain trackers.

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DuckDuckGo launches new features

When opening the beta to all users on the Internet, DuckDuckGo also added new features to its email protection service, such as Link Tracking Protection, which removes trackers in the body of an email, including those embedded in the images, The Verge reported.

DuckDuckGo also releases a smarter encryption feature that uses an unencrypted “http://” connection to a secure “https://” link. URLs that use HTTPS prevent an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or other malicious actor from seeing how users interact with a website. This new DuckDuckGo feature now supports 28 million sites and is adding more every day.

DuckDuckGo users can now also reply using their Duck address, allowing their real email address to be concealed when replying to a person or company that a user wishes to disclose their email address or identity. However, since the email is sent using the user’s email client, DuckDuckGo cannot guarantee that the email will not include the forwarding address or other personal identifiers. .

DuckDuckGo’s email protection service comes at a time when 96% of phishing attacks are carried out via email, Tessian reported. About 38% of phishing emails contain links to a malicious website, while 36% of them come with a malicious attachment, which is most often a PDF file.

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