ESET Back to School Sale: Save 30% on virus protection

Whether you’re sending someone to elementary school, high school, or heading to an extended education class yourself, everyone deserves to be as safe as possible on campus (and beyond. ). With the rise of e-learning and the increasing digitization of all of education, security doesn’t just mean being physically safe: your data, banking information, and even your identity itself are regularly at risk. .

This is where the ESET Smart Security Premium service comes in, and until September 16, you can save 30% on a full year of coverage(Opens in a new window) for your Windows, iOS or Android device.

With Smart Security Premium, your digital defenses start with LiveGuard, a new custom service designed to stop a wide range of threats, including those never seen before. Documents, scripts, installers, and .exe files are all scanned for suspicious intent, and if the LiveGuard system determines them to be a threat, they are executed in a special “sandbox” environment at HQ. ESET before being allowed to continue. .

You will also benefit from ESET’s NOD32 antivirus technology. In PCMag’s review, we rated it as “excellent” for a comprehensive package that “offers many features beyond the basics of removing malware and preventing further attacks.” We also called the device control system “the most comprehensive we’ve seen.”

Beyond that, Premium subscribers will also get banking and payment protection, password protection, customizable parental control settings, and webcam protection, keeping you safe from outside surveillance. during distance learning and all your other online meetings. Anti-phishing and anti-theft monitoring is also part of the package, which protects you against attempts to steal your usernames and passwords by threats such as homoglyph attacks (where similar-looking characters are swapped to create fraudulent links that seem legitimate).

All of this is delivered in a very small digital footprint, which adapts to any type of system environment and keeps the performance level of your device at a high level. It also means updates are also small, saving you time and bandwidth. You’ll know what’s happening in that bandwidth with their connected home layer, which shows you what’s happening on your network and outlines vulnerabilities like open ports and unpatched software issues.

Don’t need that much extra protection? No worries: ESET’s three main digital security products are on sale at 30% off across the board, including their Basic Protection and Advanced Protection packages. No matter what you think you need, you can secure a full year of savings now and stay safe through the school year and into next summer too.

More great news for students (and gamers too): Smart Security Premium has a special “silent mode” that automatically activates when a program starts in fullscreen, and it also postpones software updates. system and notifications to optimize your resources elsewhere. This is especially useful when streaming videos or sharing presentations, so you don’t lose a message in the middle of that PowerPoint you prepared for class.

Even if you only need a few of these security services, investing in the Premium Suite today could save you a lot of time, money and aggravation if you lose control of your banking information. and your passwords or if you are the prey of an accidental click. in spam.

Visit the ESET website(Opens in a new window)get the discount before it expires and spend the rest of next year in a safer digital space.

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