Anti Spam League Sun, 06 Nov 2022 03:25:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Anti Spam League 32 32 No Credit Check Loans for Bad Credit| Guaranteed Personal Loans in 2022 Tue, 06 Sep 2022 05:11:51 +0000 What are loans with no credit checks?

Personal loans that do not require a credit check are available to borrowers with poor credit. Because the borrower is unable to give a credit score, the lenders that provide these types of loans do not mandate that a credit check be performed on the applicant. Therefore, the borrower is able to avoid the necessity of having a credit check performed on them by qualifying for a loan for people with terrible credit. It is good to know that GreenDayOnline offers without credit checks loans.

What is the average cost of an interest rate loan?

If you receive a loan without having your credit checked, there is a good possibility that the interest rate will be higher than average. There are times when it might go as high as 35.99 percent or even more. The loans that do not conduct credit checks come in a number of different flavors. These financial products include cash advances, payday loans, other short-term loans, and installment loans.

The application procedure for the loan for those with negative credit is fairly straightforward. After registering, you will be required to complete a few straightforward pieces of paperwork, after which you will be paired with a private lender. You will be required to provide a number of specific pieces of information, such as your Social Security number, the sources of your income (including your employment), the ratio of your debt to your income, and so on.

How to Obtain Loans with No Credit Check?

It’s possible that you’ve been asking yourself, “What’s the sense of getting loans with no credit check that are guaranteed to be approved?” You’ll be taken aback by this. There are a lot of different lenders out there, each of which has its own set of requirements and terms for loans. Finding loans with no credit check and an approval guarantee shouldn’t be difficult because of this.

It is a straightforward process for persons with poor credit to apply for loans that do not require a credit check. You can submit an application for a loan with no credit check through an online lending firm if you have a computer or laptop, access to the Internet, and a little bit of extra time on your hands. This method is comparable to the one that was described in this post’s introduction. Simply go to one of the available online platforms to get started. After that, you give your information, and almost immediately, you are connected to a loan. After that, you can investigate the possibilities provided by that lender. If that’s the kind of loan you’re searching for, then you’re in luck if they offer loans with no credit checks and guarantee approval because that means they’ll give you the money. You should keep in mind that you are under no obligation to purchase any product or service that is recommended to you on any of these websites.

You will be required to provide your personal information in order to submit an application for an online loan with no credit check through any of these online platforms. The total time required for the process should not exceed ten minutes. The following is a list of the information that you will need to submit to the website:

  • Indications of one’s age
  • The location that you are now at (where you reside)
  • An identifier for social security purposes
  • Where you are currently employed (company or address)
  • Existing debt amounts
  • Debt-to-income ratio
  • Information about how to get in touch with someone at this moment
  • Bank account details

What are no-credit-check loans used for?

It is not unusual for persons with poor credit scores to obtain loans to cover unexpected expenses in times of crisis. Personal loans, on the other hand, are adaptable to fit the requirements of the borrower regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in. Those with poor credit ratings can choose from a variety of lending options that do not necessitate a credit check.

The most sought-after personal loans are included on the list that follows. A handful of these might be loaned to people with poor credit and no evaluation of their credit histories:

  • Auto loans
  • Transferring debts
  • Credit with collateral
  • Debt consolidation loans
  • Credit loan for card debt
  • Home improvement loans
  • Mortgage re-financing as well as mortgages
  • Student loans
  • Cash advances with a brief repayment period
  • Medical bill loans
  • Credit union lends
  • Loans without collateral
JP Morgan Chase Bank app and website is down or not working Mon, 05 Sep 2022 13:28:51 +0000

After the catastrophic Wells Fargo outage and more recently the ING Australia outage, it now appears that Chase Bank’s servers are down.

Here are some reports:

Even maps don’t work for some:

We can at least access the bank’s website, so it is possible that only a group of users are facing this problem.

For his part, Chase hasn’t said anything about this reported outage — at least not via his official social media channels. Ironically, this outage comes on the day it emerged that JP Morgan, owner of Chase Bank, has started rolling out JPM Coin, America’s first bank-backed cryptocurrency.

Coming back to the outage, we are watching closely and will update the story as we have more newsworthy information on this. Until then, use the comments section below to let us know your current experience with Chase Bank.

Update 1

Chase customer service advises some customers that this is scheduled maintenance, but not ETA for when the system will be operational.

Update 2

Looks like it’s Chase’s Wells Fargo-style breakdown day:

Update 3

Chase acknowledged the problem:

We know some customers are having trouble accessing the mobile app and our website. We want to let you know that we are working on it. thank you for your patience

Update 4

We are now seeing reports of spam text messages claiming to be from Chase Bank. Customers doubt fraud and share their experiences online. Here are some reports:

Update 5

Looks like Chase customer support is giving mixed information. Earlier we highlighted how some users are notified that this is a planned outage. But now this:

Update 6

Here is a workaround shared by the user to view account details and transactions:

Try it out and let us know if it works for you.

Update 7

The lack of frequent updates from the bank during this outage has people turning to their favorite “hacked” specs at times like these:

Update 8

It’s been over 5 hours since this outage started and Chase has only offered one update. Of course, customers are not happy:

Update 9

If you’re going by what Chase customer service told one customer (report below), things seem to be pretty messed up within the bank’s IT division at the moment.

Update 10 (February 19, 2019)

We are now seeing reports that Chase Bank services are on the rise.

Update 11 (02 September 2022)

5:28 p.m. (IST): Many users have adopted Twitter to report that the JP Morgan Chase app and website are currently down or not working for them. Also, reports on Descent detector send the same.

Update 12 (05 September 2022)

6:46 p.m. (IST): According to reports on Descent detectorthe recent JP Morgan Chase app outage has now been resolved.

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Become Personal – Data Protection Landscape in the UAE | Hogan Lovells Wed, 04 May 2022 17:20:39 +0000

Key provisions

The DP Act applies to the whole of the United Arab Emirates, with the exception of the financial free zones (which fall outside the scope of this article). The DP Act attempts to create a data protection framework for the UAE that complies with global “best practices” in data protection and data privacy, including the European General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR). While the law entered into force on January 2 this year, entities controlling and processing data have a grace period of six months from the date of introduction of the regulations implementing the law on Data protection. As with many laws in the UAE, the DP Act provides a broad regulatory framework while relying on Executive Regulations to complete the details of how the law should operate in practice. The executive regulation was scheduled for March 2022 but in April 2022 it was still expected. The DP Act will be administered by the UAE Data Office, which was recently established under UAE Law Number 44 of 2021. The UAE Data Office is not yet fully operational.

The DP law has an “extraterritorial” scope similar to the GDPR. It applies to all companies that process personal data in the UAE (for data relating to data subjects inside and outside the UAE) or that are based outside the UAE but process personal data relating to data subjects who are located inside the UAE. . Data excluded from the application of the law includes health data, government data, banking and credit data. As shown below, the DP Act will work alongside certain industry-specific regulations that control discrete categories of data.

Article 4 of the DP Act establishes that the processing of data requires the consent of the data subject, unless one of the limited exceptions applies to allow the processing on another legal basis. The exceptions are similar to those covered by the GDPR and include processing that is necessary to protect the public interest, to protect the interests of the data subject or to perform a contract to which the data subject is a party. Interestingly, no exception allows processing on the basis of a legitimate interest. However, the law on the DP offers the possibility of introducing other grounds within the framework of the executive regulation. As such, we can see these grounds expanded to include this relatively more flexible basis for valid processing of personal data.

As with the GDPR and other similar legislation, international data transfers can take place without consent under the DP law if the country to which the data is transferred has an adequate level of protection. This requirement will be met when the country has enacted special personal data legislation or has entered into a bilateral or multilateral data protection agreement with the UAE. It is expected that the UAE Data Office will be able to provide additional guidance on these jurisdictions once it is fully operational. Data may be transferred internationally, whether or not the recipient jurisdiction has an adequate level of protection, provided that the data subject has consented to such transfer and that it does not conflict with the interests public and security services of the UAE.

The path to protection

Historically, UAE-based residents have enjoyed very little protection when it comes to the collection and use of their personal data. While the UAE Constitution includes the right to privacy as a fundamental principle and the UAE Penal Code prohibits the publication of an individual’s private or family life, these are totally insufficient to give individuals real control over how their data is used, especially in an increasingly digital age. As any resident can attest, this is reflected in the alarming number of unsolicited marketing calls, text messages, emails and even WhatsApp messages received regularly from local businesses.

More recently, the Electronic Transactions Act prohibits unauthorized access and disclosure of electronic records or communications, while the Cybercrime Act was introduced to address hacking/identity theft issues. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has also introduced an anti-spam policy, albeit with limited effectiveness as it places the enforcement responsibility on the telecom operators (i.e. Du and Etisalat) without impose penalties on companies generating spam.

Industry-specific data protection regulation has also increased, particularly in healthcare and finance. On the other hand, the DP law also closely followed a new consumer protection law in 2020. The consumer protection law establishes the right of consumers to the protection of their data. The law also prohibits the use of this data for marketing purposes without an individual’s consent. However, as with the DP Act, we have yet to see the Consumer Protection Act Implementing Regulations, which should provide more detail on how these principles will be implemented.

Impact in practice?

The introduction of significant regulatory controls in this area is a welcome change for a country striving to consolidate its position in the global economy. However, the question remains how effective these legal reforms will be and what impact, if any, will be felt by individuals in terms of control over personal data. While these changes lay an important foundation for adequate personal data protection in the UAE, further legislative development must be prioritized before individuals see a noticeable impact in practice.

As mentioned above, the DP law will only be applied in practice six months after the introduction of the executive regulation. Also, no specific timeline has been given as to when the UAE Data Office (as a key regulator) will be fully operational. Coupled with the delay in consumer protection law enforcement regulations, these issues provide a very uncertain timeline as to when we can see these developments implemented in a meaningful way. The far-reaching nature of these reforms will ensure that developments will be watched and analyzed with great interest by many. In the meantime, residents of the United Arab Emirates will unfortunately have to continue to screen these unsolicited marketing calls and delete unwanted spam.

New free service for cardholders Wed, 20 Apr 2022 18:31:54 +0000

This message contains links to products of our advertisers, and we may be compensated when you click on these links. Our recommendations and advice are our own and have not been reviewed by any of the issuers listed. Terms apply to offers listed on this page. Read our editorial standards.

  • 11.6 billion fraudulent text messages were sent to Americans in March 2022.
  • Scammers obtain your personal information from websites that legally sell data such as your email address and phone number.
  • Discover is launching a free service that will remove your information from 10 of the most popular people-finding websites.
  • Read the Insider’s guide to the best credit cards.

Discover has started rolling out a great feature that can significantly reduce the chances of its customers becoming victims of identity theft.

Discover Online Privacy Protection is a free service that proactively seeks out and destroys your personal data from 10 popular information-gathering websites. This means you will receive fewer spam calls and fake emails. You can sign up for Online Privacy Protection with just a tap of your smartphone.

Discover presents online privacy

According to an analysis by Teltech, Americans received 11.6 billion fraudulent text messages in March 2022 alone. Scammers and spammers use various websites to collect your information and call, text or email you.

Online Privacy Protection will automatically remove information such as your name, home address, age, phone number and email address from the following websites:


These 10 sites legally collect and sell your information. Discover Online Privacy Protection will re-scan these sites approximately every 90 days to ensure that your data has not reappeared. It can save you many hours and headaches trying to delete this information yourself.

Read more: Credit card fraud is more common than you think, but you can protect yourself with 5 simple steps

Who is eligible for online privacy protection?

Regular APR

12.24% – 23.24% variable

Recommended credit score

good to excellent

Regular APR

12.24% – 23.24% variable

Recommended credit score

good to excellent


  • Earn 5% Cash Back at Gas Stations and Target on up to $1,500 in purchases after signup from April 1 through June 30, 2022, then 1% thereafter
  • Discover will match your cash back at the end of your first year of account
  • No annual fee

The inconvenients

  • Limit the amount of bonus cashback you can earn each quarter
  • If the quarterly categories are not for you, you can earn more money with another card

Read our review
Read our review A long arrow pointing to the right

More information

  • Introductory offer: Unlimited Cashback Match – only at Discover. Discover will automatically match any Cash Back you have earned at the end of your first year! There are no minimum spend or maximum rewards. You could turn $150 in cash back into $300.
  • Earn 5% cash back on your everyday purchases at different places each quarter like, grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and when you pay with PayPal, up to the quarterly maximum when you activate.
  • Plus, automatically earn unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  • Redeem cashback of any amount, anytime. Rewards never expire.
  • Redeem your rewards at checkout on
  • No annual fee.
  • Discover is accepted nationwide by 99% of places that accept credit cards.
  • Click “Apply Now” to view rewards, FICO® credit score requirements, Cashback Match(TM) details and other information.

Introduction AVR

0% intro APR for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers

If you have the Discover mobile app, you will have the option to register for Online Privacy Protection. Only Discover credit card and bank customers are eligible for this benefit. In other words, you can’t use it if you don’t have an account with Discover.

Learn more: Simple ways to protect your data that don’t take a lot of time, but could have huge security benefits

All Discover credit cards have no annual fee. The most popular cards include:

  • Discover it® Cash Back – Earn 5% cash back in categories that rotate quarterly on up to $1,500 in combined spend when you activate (then 1%) (April 1 through June 30, 2022, you can earn 5 % cash back at gas stations and Target up to $1,500 in purchases after sign-up, then 1%). You’ll also get 1% cash back on all other qualifying purchases.
  • Discover it® Miles — Earn 1.5x miles (1.5%) on all your purchases.
  • Discover it® chrome — Earn 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants on up to $1,000 in combined spend each quarter (1% thereafter). You’ll also get 1% cash back on all other qualifying purchases.

Read more: Best Discover credit cards

These cards do not come with a sign-up bonus per se, but for Discover it® Cash Back and Discover it® chrome, Discover will match any cash back you have earned after the first 12 months of opening the account. For Discover it® Miles, Discover will correspond to all the miles you have earned at the end of your first year. That could be hundreds of dollars, depending on how often you use your card.

Discover cards already offer great security features such as the ability to freeze your account if you misplace your card. It also offers identity alerts that search the internet for security holes where your social security number has been revealed. Online Privacy Protection is a nifty perk that bolsters Discover’s suite of security benefits – making Discover credit cards more attractive than ever.

Motorcycle dealerships respond to website leads as quickly as car dealerships: study Mon, 18 Apr 2022 06:18:31 +0000

Harley-Davidson dealerships ranked first in Pied Piper PSI’s 2022 Internet Lead Effectiveness (ILE) Motorcycle/UTV Industry Study, which measured responsiveness to Internet leads from dealer websites – behaviors directly related to retail sales success. Dealers selling Indian motorcycles were ranked second, followed by Polaris side-by-side dealers.

“Fast response to web customers is critical to selling, placing an order, or laying the groundwork for future sales,” said Fran O’Hagan, CEO of Pied Piper. “Dealers who respond quickly, personally and completely to website customer inquiries sell an average of 50% more vehicles to their web customers, compared to dealers who don’t respond.”

Dealerships of four of the top-rated brands – Harley-Davidson, Indian, Polaris and Can-Am – not only performed well in 2022, but also significantly improved their web-response behaviors over time. Over the past five years, dealers of these four brands have on average more than doubled the frequency with which they respond to web customer questions via email or text, from 27% of the time in 2018 to 59% of the time. in 2022.

The industry’s average ILE performance rose three points to 43, the industry’s highest average score to date. This year, for the first time, dealerships of two brands – Harley-Davidson and Indian – performed better, on average, than typical car dealerships, which typically began focusing on web customers years before the powersports dealerships.

On the other hand, the study also shows that many powersports brands still don’t pay enough attention to poor dealer web response or do anything effective to address it. The performance of 11 brands declined over the past year.

“The poor performance of declining dealers can be partly attributed to complacency that comes from recent low inventory,” O’Hagan said. “However, slack – on responding to and building relationships with customers, especially local customers – could lead to multiple lost sales for years to come, particularly once inventory levels will improve.”

Pied Piper submitted customer inquiries through the individual websites of 8,859 dealerships, asking a specific question about an in-stock vehicle and providing a customer name, email address and local phone number. Pied Piper then assessed dealer response via email, phone and text over the next 24 hours. A dealership’s ILE rating aggregates 20 different metrics to create a total score, ranging from 0 to 100.

To be clear, each brand’s Industry Study ILE score is an average, including the top-performing dealers as well as the bottom-performing ones. In a traditional bell-shaped performance curve, 22% of all dealers in the industry scored above 70 (providing a quick and thorough personal response), while 42% of dealers scored below 30 (not responding not personally to customers of their website). By comparison, for the top-rated Harley-Davidson brand, 45% of their dealers scored above 70, while only 19% scored below 30.

Other notable trends in industry-wide behavior over the past year include:


• Dealerships were more likely to email a response to a customer’s request on a website – 48% of the time, compared to 39% of the time by phone and 17% by text. But texting is on the rise: two years ago, dealerships texted back just 3% of the time.

• Customer spam filters are a dealership’s enemy. Emails landed in a customer’s spam folder more than 25% of the time for Zero, CFMoto, Moto Guzzi, Royal Enfield, BMW, Aprilia, Honda, Husqvarna and Yanmar dealerships. Dealerships representing the brands most successful in avoiding spam filters: Polaris, Can-Am, Indian and Harley-Davidson – all less than 10% of the time.

• Of all the dealers contacted, one in 10 did not respond in any way to customer inquiries on the study website. In an age when powersports buyers are using the internet extensively to initiate the first contact with a dealership, a non-response equals a lost sale.

The response to customer inquiries on the web varied by brand and dealership:

• How often did the brand’s dealerships respond via email or text to a website customer’s question within 30 minutes?

O More than 25% of the time on average: Harley-Davidson, Indian, KTM, Polaris

O Less than 15% of the time on average: Tracker, Bobcat, Kubota, Zero, Kymco, John Deere, Cub Cadet, CFMoto

• How often have the brand’s dealerships used an SMS to respond to a customer request on a website?

O More than 30% of the time on average: Harley-Davidson, Indian

O Less than 1% of the time on average: Tracker, Yanmar, Bobcat, Cub Cadet, Kubota

• How often did the brand’s dealerships answer a customer’s request on a website by phone?

O More than 35% of the time on average: Harley-Davidson, Indian, Suzuki, Triumph, Polaris, Royal Enfield, KTM, Can-Am, BMW

O Less than 10% of the time on average: Kioti, Cub Cadet, Yanmar, Club Car

• Although not part of the ILE rating, Pied Piper also measured the responsiveness of the dealer’s website to a site’s chat function (if offered). How many times has a “human” answered a customer question within 30 seconds?

O More than 55% of the time on average: Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Bobcat, Suzuki

Website ushers in new era for Pittsfield Parade Mon, 28 Mar 2022 12:46:21 +0000

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – This year’s Pittsfield 4th of July Parade, which has been named ‘Back with a Bang’, will also feature a new and improved website. No more mail to parade participants or donors; the catwalk can now be built entirely online.

The Pittsfield Parade Committee announced on Sunday that you can now go to and fill out the form on the homepage to join the festivities. No need to try and remember to fill out the form sent by post or search for an email that might be spammy.

On the new website, users can also view photos of their own entry from the previous year, learn more about the current parade theme and poster, and who is actually hosting the parade. The latest parade news and updates will also be posted on the new website.

Parade chairman Pete Marchetti said it was a “new way of doing business for us”, adding that “participants, sponsors, donors, spectators and those simply looking for information will find the process more convenient, efficient and easier to use”. Marchetti said all applications can be submitted electronically. “None of the sponsorship, application or waiver forms were available online to fill out online before, but thanks to this much-needed modernization, they are available today.”

Marchetti said applications were emailed this year as a precaution against the brand new website, but fears the unknown number is likely to be spammed due to contact details changes that occur each year for many. “That’s why this new process is so important,” Marchetti said, adding, “we need to update the new process as quickly as possible. And now we can.”

The next parade meetings will take place every two weeks starting April 13, at the Polish Falcons at 7 p.m. New volunteers are welcome to attend and participate, as new ideas are always welcome. Contact the parade organizers for more information at (413) 447-7763, or by email at [email protected].

Website impersonating Jamestown business scams victims $350,000 – Jamestown Sun Sat, 26 Mar 2022 12:00:00 +0000

JAMESTOWN – A scam where a website was set up posing as a business south of Jamestown defrauded people who thought they were buying high-end vehicles for $350,000, according to Chief Deputy Bureau Detective Jason Falk from the sheriff of Stutsman County.

Falk said seven people from out of state wired the scammer money.

“If you are making an online purchase of a vehicle, it is a very risky proposition because you are convinced that if you are transferring money for something that you have not yet received, you are taking a big gamble” , did he declare. “If that vehicle doesn’t show up, that money is gone or may be gone or most likely is gone if it’s a scammer.”

If Falk was going to buy a vehicle, he said he would drive there to view the vehicle, get the title, pay for the vehicle, and drive away.

Michel’s Auto Sales & Parts LLC sells low-end vehicles, four-wheel-drive pickup trucks, and auto parts such as engines, transmissions, sheet metal fenders, and hoods.

The fake website – – includes premium vehicles such as Porsche, Bentley and Ferrari. The website lists two phone numbers with the North Dakota area code, and one number has the same last four digits as Michel’s Auto Sales & Parts in Jamestown. The address listed on the fake website is the same as Michel’s Auto Sales & Parts, and Dennis Michel, co-owner of the business, did not have a website for his business at the time.

Falk said the scammers covered all the bases to make the fake website look like a legitimate business website.

“The documents they send to these people are very educated people who have purchased a lot of vehicles, who have gone through the process,” he said. “Everything online looks like Michel’s Auto in Jamestown, ND. They use the owners’ names.

He said one victim was even given a fake North Dakota driver’s license bearing the name of co-owner Levi Michel with a picture of someone else.

From March 18-22, the Stutsman County Sheriff’s Office received six calls classified as “scam/fraud,” according to the Stutsman County Communications Center Call Log. Three calls classified as “scam/fraud” totaled $140,500 which were wired or transferred to other accounts.

A caller from Richmond, Va., reported wired money to a bank on March 17 for a vehicle from Michel’s Auto and did not receive a vehicle, and another caller reported leaving a negative review on the fake website and received more than 11,000 spam messages.

The scammers have gone over many websites that list Michel’s Auto Sales & Parts and replaced the phone numbers with the same ones listed on the fake website.

Falk said a rebuttal was given on a Google review that warned the fake website was a scam. The scammers responded to a Google review by Kurt Nolte on Michel’s Auto Sales & Parts who warned potential victims of the scam and wrote that over $50,000 had been wired to the company for a vehicle on the fake site website.

“No you didn’t, we don’t know who you are, just another Nigerian scammer probably,” the scammer posing as the owner of Michel’s Auto Sales & Parts wrote. “If you are Kurt Nolte and have done business with us, please upload a photo or photos showing any communication between us and any payment you have sent to us. I know you do not exist and are hiding behind a fake account, but if so, if you’re real, please show it to everyone!”

Michel now has a website – – which lists his correct phone number and that this is the only website for Michel’s Auto Sales and Parts operating out of Jamestown.

“We will never ask you for a bank transfer as a method of payment,” says Michel’s website. “We accept credit cards, cash and local checks. It has come to our attention that there are other websites claiming to be us.

“We sincerely apologize for what happened. We are a used car and parts business. We do NOT sell exotic cars. We do not currently use our website to market anything we sell.Sometimes we will list on Bisman but not on other websites.

Michel said the scam was quite complicated and he was saddened by this ordeal.

“People have to use a little common sense and do a little research I guess, and hopefully they can make the right decision and work around this, but there are a few who don’t. didn’t,” he said.

Falk said he needs to explain to people reporting that Michel’s Auto Sales & Parts is “scamming them” that a fake website has been created that poses as the real business in Jamestown.

“We tell them they need to report it to their local law enforcement because they are usually victims in that jurisdiction,” he said.

Falk said anyone who calls the Stutsman County Sheriff’s Office regarding the fake website has been asked to file a complaint on the Internet Crime Complaint Center website, where the FBI and other federal agencies can compile reports. information about scammers.

He said the sheriff’s office contacted the U.S. Attorney’s office in Fargo and that the FBI was involved and received information about the scam.

“I passed everything on to them in hopes of getting their help because I was trying to get a court order to freeze the bank accounts I know this money is going to,” he said.

Falk said the North Dakota Consumer Protection Division was made aware of the website’s existence and the sheriff’s office was working with the US Department of Homeland Security to shut down the bogus website.

“Homeland Security tells us that even if we were to shut it down, they could just pop it up in a different realm and then it’s like Whac-A-Mole,” he said. “Trying to get information from the internet is next to impossible. … It’s such a lucrative scam and they’ve obviously put a lot of money into it, the scammers, that they’re going to keep squirming around it.

Falk said Michel was working with Google to remove the fake website and phone numbers from the search engine, but complex steps need to be taken by Google to confirm he is not talking to another scammer.

Michel said he hadn’t received many phone calls about high-end vehicles on the fake website like he had the week before. He said Dakota Central worked with him to put spam protection on his company’s phone number.

“We are where we should be when it comes to phone calls,” he said.

Some clues that a website might be a scam include asking you to transfer money from your bank account, requests for gift certificates, or transacting through Western Union. Falk said most scammers don’t want credit card payments and are looking more for gift cards or for personal information such as date of birth and a social security number.

Wentzville woman warns of fake USPS website and SMS scam Wed, 09 Feb 2022 08:00:00 +0000

WENTZVILLE, Mo. – Wentzville resident Lisa Delaloye is waiting for a special delivery. The recent winter storm has delayed some mail deliveries in parts of the St. Louis area.

Delaloye was intrigued by a text message she received on Tuesday. The message read: “Since we missed you today, you can request a new delivery” by visiting a link.

The link was a scam. This led Delaloye to what was a very legitimate parody of the USPS website. The site then asked him for his credit card information to pay $3.30 for the new delivery.

“With today’s technology, you could fall into anything,” Delaloye said. “It’s heartbreaking.”

She reported the scam to both her local post office and the Wentzville Police Department.

“It looked exactly like the real website,” said Wentzville Police Sgt. Jacob Schmidt. He warns that credit card information in the wrong hands can lead to fraudulent charges and identity theft.

U.S. Postal Inspector and Fraud Enforcement Team Leader Matthew Villicana said the agency is aware of these types of scams. He said consumers should be aware that the USPS never charges for redelivery and that USPS officials never engage in communication with consumers for money or personal information.

Villicana also warns consumers to avoid responding to random text messages with links. He said consumers can report suspected fraud through the Postal inspector website.

Schmidt thanked Delaloye for taking the time to report the scam so others can be notified. He said: ‘If you think this is a scam give us a call and we can help investigate.

He added that consumers can report frauds, scams and poor business practices to the Federal Trade Commission. Click here to visit the site.

]]> No Credit Check Loans We’ve got you covered Fri, 10 Dec 2021 08:00:00 +0000 No Credit Check Credit Checks

There are instances when you require immediate access to money, however this is hindered by poor credit. People think that the no-credit check loan will can come to rescue, but being unable to pay for credit isn’t necessarily as bad as you might believe. There are short-term loans that are designed to fulfill the same function as credit cards, but without the hassles associated with credit cards. If you think that a loan with no credit check may be a good alternative to consider, then this article will give you the information you require on the options available and the process of applying to assist you in obtaining the money you need fast. ACFA might conduct credit checks when you apply for the first loan you take out or you can find the lender who does credit checks. If you have poor credit doesn’t mean that you aren’t eligible for credit. Visit to apply for no ccredit check loans.

It’s not a problem with bad credit.

One of the major obstacles that people with poor credit typically face is the inability to meet the requirements for credit cards, and they do not have the ability to get personal loans. It’s because these kinds of financing heavily depend heavily on checks of credit to determine if the applicant is able to pay the amount they’re seeking. In this way, those with bad credit score are automatically rejected for these loans or are offered rates of interest that make aren’t viable for them to take.( )

However, no credit checks loans are arranged in a different way. They have interest charges that are generally very high and set and the amount of loan is based solely on income. Therefore the background of poor credit does not necessarily affect your possibility of borrowing.

How can No Credit Check Loans Work?

If you apply online with a lender, such as ACFA you can count on to receive the following:

They will not request an account of your credit report from the credit bureau in the event that you have a past background with ACFA but when you take out the first loan, they may conduct a credit screening. This is, of course, the primary reason to take an uncredit check loan. However, the loan information are still noted on your credit report.

The lenders will look over your financial history and refer to the statements from the last three months to determine if you are eligible to borrow or not. This is the most efficient method for fast lenders to determine your financial standing.

Based on the information above it’s clear that you must be a steady income earner to qualify for a non checks on credit loan. This is because it’s one of the ways to show you have the financial capacity to pay back.

If you are dealing with lenders such as ACFA It is possible to obtain small loans on the very same day you submit your application.

Do fast cash loans without credit even exist?

Yes and that’s why you should choose the right lender after you have analyzed your interest rates. The application fee is not a cost to filling out the application, and you’re not required to take the short-term loan that is offered. It only takes some minutes to fill out the application form . If you are eligible, you will receive the loan in just 24 hours. A cash loan that is quick and without credit checks isn’t guaranteed, however ACFA will do their best to find a solution that works for you. If you’re not eligible they’ll work with you to find alternative lenders. Other lenders will most likely conduct credit checks.

Are No Credit Check Loans Safe?

In reality, there’s many credit options that are available. Particularly, you could get one in the form payday loans or a personal loan. These loans are provided by both safe and reputable lenders, as well as unreliable ones. That’s why it’s crucial to conduct your research particularly when you are taking out the risk of a large amount.

With ACFA you don’t have to be concerned about fraudsters. If we’re unable to provide you with the loan you want, we will make the effort of doing the legwork and find you a suitable loan provider in Australia. While most lenders run credit checks, ACFA can be able to locate a lender who might be willing to overlook the issue if our requirements and terms do not match. It is, however, always best to acknowledge that a credit report may be carried out, but being a credit holder with bad credit isn’t necessarily the end of the road.

Do you have concerns about your credit score?

If you’re trying to avoid the hassle of a credit report it is likely that you are concerned about the state of your credit and there’s no way to get a lender to take your application. However, as stated above even though ACFA will examine your credit history, it only requires a three-month financial statements to determine if you’re eligible or not.

Here are some instances of loans that might not require an application for credit. Be aware that this is just an example and lenders can vary

Instant Cash Loans

It is, without certainty a great option if you’re looking for cash quickly. ACFA business is to provide loans within a time frame, even if you are not a credit-worthy person. If you are in a crisis you require a loan, we’ll process your application quickly and give you the loan that meets your needs without any trouble. If you are not able to get a loan, our team will find alternative options, like working with lenders who might be able to accept your request in Australia.

Payday loans with no credit check.

There are numerous lenders in Australia which provide cash loans without credit check, however, payday lenders may not be the best choice. You could think about applying for a bad credit personal loan . While an credit report may be required however, the lenders that offer this type of loan do not usually consider the credit score.

What to do if you Are Having Credit Issues

Your previous borrowing habits could affect your ability to get access to cash. Being a credit sham specifically could limit the choices for you. An indication that you’ve got a damaged credit score is that it’s being pushed back by traditional lenders. It’s nevertheless essential to examine your credit score for yourself. Because of the internet and the internet, there are a variety of websites that permit you to check your credit score from the comfort of your own home.

What causes Poor Credit?

Your credit score and file reflect how you borrow. Therefore, a low credit score translates to poor borrowing behavior. To make it more precise what are the causes that you may have low credit scores:

  • Defaulted loansPayments are not made
  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt agreements

Strategies to improve your credit score

As we have mentioned, your credit score is an indication of your borrowing behavior. Therefore, having excellent borrowing habits will improve your credit score. Here are the best ways to boost your creditworthiness

  • Reducing your credit application
  • Limits on credit cards are being reduced
  • Consolidating credit card products like personal loans and credit cards
  • Repayments of loans on time
  • In full payment of the credit card in the full amount
  • Rent and other costs are paid in time.

How to Receive a Speedy Cash Loan with No Credit Check

If you are looking for a lender who will offer you a loan with no need for an assessment of your credit, look into ACFA. ACFA is a great option to get your bad credit score returned to normal. We don’t always look at the scores of credit reports, instead your earnings, expenses as and your usual spending routines.

ACFA is well aware of the challenges people face in the present and that’s the reason we provide these services as well as matching you with the right lender. We cannot provide a loan, however it’s very likely that you’ll locate the perfect lender through our trusted network of lenders. If you’re in search of an immediate loan between $500 and $5000, then we are the lender to speak with.

What can you use your Instant Loan to?

Are you unsure regarding applying for an online instant loan? Perhaps you’re worried that you don’t have any legitimate justification for obtaining an loan. You can make use of a loan that doesn’t require credit checks to pay for almost all personal expenses. In fact, you could make use of it to pay for much more than emergencies such as:

Events – Don’t let your budget to limit your ability to pay for your favourite group. Get a loan in advance of time to enjoy your special day.

Special occasions – From birthdays to Valentine’s Day and anything between, you could apply for a loan to purchase the perfect present. So, if you’d like to make a special gesture for someone special in your life, don’t hesitate to apply online for an immediate loan.

Birthdays Celebrate the special day of yours or the birthday of a loved one with fashion. By negotiating flexible terms you’ll manage the payments to your everyday life.

Automotive Repairs a quick cash loan, you’ll be in a position to get back behind the road following an unplanned breakdown.

Sale – There’s many occasions when we encounter a sale that we can’t miss. A cash advance loan is a quick solution to assist in tackling this issue without much trouble.

Who can be eligible to apply for No Credit Check Loans?

As we mentioned before the lenders differ and also their requirements with regard to all types of financing. With ACFA you must be able to satisfy the requirements listed below requirements in the order of being eligible for the program:

  • Minimum 18 years old
  • A regular income that is going into your personal account for at least three months
  • You must be an Australian citizen
  • You must have an email account that is active as well as a mobile number.

Therefore, prior to applying for any loan be sure that you satisfy the criteria above. If you don’t meet the above requirements in any way, you’ll not be able to complete an application.

What are the costs?

The rates of interest vary with respect for these types of loans. This is mostly due to the specific nature of each lender. In the case of short-term loans that are backed by ACFA you should you should expect to pay 20percent of the loan amount, commonly called an establishment fee. Additionally, you should expect to pay 4percent of the initial amount each month. ACFA doesn’t charge fees on loans of any kind.

If you’re not able to make your payment on due time, it’s crucial to notify the bank in order to change the date or alter the amount of your repayment. If the amount you pay is decreased, you’ll be charged a $20 cost. If you fail to make a payment or fail to honor one, you’ll be charged a $30 charge. You will not be charged for arrears, and in the event that we fail to recover the debt within 60 days of being overdue or more, the responsibility could be assigned to outside debt collectors. So, be sure that you’re in constant contact to avoid any difficulties.

Why choose ACFA?

It is a fact that the possibility of getting an advance loan without credit and speedy is appealing in and of itself. It is also not necessary to get up from your sofa to get this loan since the application process is 100 100% online. There is no need to jump through hurdles and wait hours to submit your application. It is enough to provide all the information in just a few minutes, and then sit and wait to be approved.

It is a simple process that lets you satisfy your requirements in a short time. Additionally, payment is made simple through automatic deduction from your account, and the support for customers is unparalleled. Contact us today to discuss all your financial requirements!

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