Fido rebrands and launches a redesigned app

Fido has launched its new app and has been rebranded with new features and has a bold new pink look.

The new Fido app is faster, easier to use and more secure. Customers will continue to enjoy instant access to cash to start a business, pay school fees, or simply manage whatever life throws at them.

Fido has also launched Fido Score, an innovation that Fido says empowers people by allowing them to create and maintain a digital financial history. Based on this score, personalized offers are tailored to customer needs and capabilities.

Fido Score also informs customers about actions they can take to improve their score, thereby unlocking an improved offer.

The black and yellow colors that have served us for many years have given way to a bright and bold color palette with pink at its heart. We have also created a new logo, a new image and a new style of communication that reflect the personality of our company: young, bold and said Alon EitanCEO of Fido.

We are on a mission to empower individuals and entrepreneurs to take charge of their future. Fido Score is an important step towards this. Now our customers can create their own digital financial identity and enjoy the benefits of being visible to the financial system“, he added.

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