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DJI’s fence ability is tested by negative feedback and alleged hackers.

Both Ukrainian conflict sites use DJI.

The Ukrainian government has requested data from DJI on all of its equipment flying in Ukraine and a no-fly zone. MediaMarktSaturnThe website was flooded with negative comments after Ukrainian Vice President Mykhailo Fedorov called for the no-fly zone.

So much so that MediaMarktSaturn, a DJI partner, removed DJI products from its website.

To date, data sharing with Ukraine is put in the too harsh trash can by DJI.

I can’t help but think there have been many conversations around water coolers in government, military and aviation regulatory coolers around the world to decide exactly what companies like DJI will be able to register and license in the airspace of those countries.

Get out of the DJI fence.

DJI responded like this, some lost in translation I think.

Guidelines on products removed from the shelves of DJI partners under the attack of Marine

Last week, the social media accounts of DJI and its global partners were attacked by a concerted sweeping attack by the Navy, slandering DJI for its inappropriate behavior in the international situation, which caused problems for the operations of social media from many parties. The German distribution group MediaMarktSaturn, a partner of DJI for many years, is also among the victims of this cyber violence. Last Friday, they suspended sales of DJI drones in e-commerce and stores for security reasons. Regarding this incident, the two parties are still communicating and discussing.

We have repeatedly stated that all DJI products are designed for civilian use and cannot meet military specifications. It is completely wrong to accuse DJI of supporting war on overseas social platforms. Since DJI pioneered the civilian drone industry, this technology has not only benefited global image makers, but has also been widely used in agriculture, security, rescue, environmental protection. environment and other areas. More and more public service agencies are using drone technology to save lives and make society a better place. Additionally, DJI adheres to applicable laws and regulations globally, and the internal compliance team is comprised of experienced professionals to ensure that DJI’s business activities are fully compliant with international rules.

DJI will, as always, work with global partners to develop civilian drone technology and constantly iterate our products to better benefit society and serve production and people’s lives.

Curran Daly very kindly sent a better translation from Burbank

We are aware that on March 24 and 25, our business partners’ social media accounts were the subject of what appeared to be a coordinated campaign making false allegations against DJI via thousands of spam emails containing the same content. We take this development very seriously.

As a precaution, one of our partners has suspended all sales of DJI products while evaluating the situation in close collaboration with DJI.

The allegations against us are not based on facts and are completely false. Our official response to the current situation has been posted on our official Twitter accounts at March 13, March 17 and March 25.

DJI promotes civilian drone applications that benefit society. In addition to bringing new tools to aerial photographers and filmmakers, we see more and more firefighters, search and rescue teams and other public safety agencies around the world using our products to save lives.

We do not support any use of our products that harms the life, rights or interests of people, as we have always reiterated in our product terms of use and other public statements. We do not provide technical support where military use of our products is identified.

DJI takes compliance issues very seriously. We are committed to acting in compliance with sanctions, export controls and other applicable laws and regulations. We have a dedicated internal compliance team and experienced external advisors in the United States and Europe, to ensure that our general business practices and transactions are in full compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

Our goal has always been to empower everyone to see the world from a different perspective. We will continue to develop and support——with our partners—peaceful and socially responsible applications across our product portfolio so that more users can experience the joy of flight.

Thank you,

Curran Daly

Communications Manager | DJI Technology, Inc. | Burbank CA

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