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When you embed comments in websites, you can gather the best information from your audience and use it to boost reader engagement. You will no longer have to deal with the hassle of taking screenshots of comments to include in one of your website posts. This allows you to create a dynamic live chat platform to connect with your audience and build a community that supports your website’s purpose.

Moreover, integrating a comments section is relatively easy, especially if you use WordPress to host your website. FastComments, an alternative to Disqus with a super-fast commenting platform, is one of the most suitable solutions to integrate comments from your community and open up additional opportunities to generate better content.

What is a comment system?

Recognizing your audience motivates them to maintain their support for your website and get involved in communities that focus specifically on your goal. Many popular websites highlight the most intriguing remarks from their community to keep audiences engaged. You can do this by asking readers to participate in discussions by simply promoting their best comments.

Just ask a few questions and choose the comments that have the most interesting answer. Embed comments in a website. Watch them deploy the best ideas they can express in real time and present them on a live chat platform. That’s what a comment system is.

How can I add comments to my website?

There are several ways to add comments to your website and establish a live chat platform. Traditionally, you can take a screenshot, post it, and link the comment. Or you can simply embed comments into a website using the best commenting platform such as FastComments.

Quick comments

FastComments offers a live commentary system for WordPress which seeks to address the flaws provided by the functionality of WordPress’ built-in commenting system. This is particularly beneficial if you want to provide a live chat platform while hosting other live events. It promises to deliver the best WordPress commenting solution focusing on performance, efficiency, reliance on real-time comment moderation, and more.

 Quick comments

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Main characteristics

  • Live and scalable conversations: Whether you want to embed comments in websites or apps, your community can communicate in real time. If you have millions of pages or thousands of comments per page, you can guarantee that this commenting system won’t slow down.

  • SSO, Webhooks, Oh My: Integrations are easy to use and well documented with direct developer support.

  • Migrates in minutes and is adaptive: Migration from WordPress, Disqus, Commento, Muut Comments, IntenseDebate and JustComments is automated. It also adapts to the theme of your website, whether in light or dark mode.

  • Notifications and subscriptions: Receive detailed, high-level, scheduled or instant alerts. FastComments also keeps your community connected by posting reply, threads, and reaction alerts. You can tag anyone with its simple @mentions feature, and they’ll be alerted immediately. Plus, a subscription feature keeps your users informed about new activities.

  • Localized: Using browser locale recognition, client-side widgets and emails are fully localized into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

  • Increase engagement, hashtag and GIFs: FastComments reduces the time it takes to comment by integrating SSO with the user’s current account or providing them with a low-friction opt-in option. Get auto-completed hashtags and the ability to pre-seed hashtags that link to external material. Enable your audience to use the GIF Picker, through anonymized connections to key sources.

  • Rewards and badges, user profiles and direct messaging: Create your badges to reward your community. You can also view user profiles, including activity feeds and a guestbook. Ask them to discuss questions on your live chat platform with real-time direct messaging.

Apart from that, the importance of its super-fast speed makes it a great choice for large websites with hundreds of pages and extremely active chat platforms engaged in conversations every second.

Now, if you’re a small-scale website owner, using FastComments to incorporate comments into your website shouldn’t be a problem. Its upgrades to every website’s standard commenting and comment moderation tools simply make it a worthwhile investment.

Plus, you can customize every facet of how your commenting system looks and works. While the amount of choice may be daunting to some, it means you have complete control over how FastComments interacts with your website audience.


  • Easy to use

  • Promotes interactive comments section

  • Allows you to easily embed a comment box

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Allows you to moderate comments in real time

  • Notifies you and your website audience

  • Has features that make commenting more fun and civil

  • supports store customer data in the EU

The inconvenients

Best Feedback Platform

FastComments delivers on its promise to revolutionize the way you offer and maintain interactive comment communities on your website. It does not offer a freemium version, but you can consider its flexible pricing and figure out what works best for you. The long list of features you can expect makes the commenting system quite easy to manage and moderate.

There is no doubt that to embed comments in websites, Quick comments is the best companion to consider. It is incredibly simple to use. Whether you want to boost live conversations or simply access a transparent moderation environment for your large business website, this smart plugin will do the job well.

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