Harshad Mehta’s wife breaks silence, launches website to defend late Big Bull

After more than 20 years of the late Big Bull Harshad Mehta’s passing, his wife Jyoti has broken her silence. She started a website – https://www.harshadmehta.in/ – to defend her late husband who died in police custody on December 30, 2001. Through this website, the widow of the late stockbroker has claimed that her husband had died due to medical negligence. She also blamed the system of “group punishment” she and other members of Harshad Mehta’s family have faced over the past 30 years.

Claiming medical negligence, the website, devoted to Harshad Mehta, claims: “On that fateful day, the prison authorities neglected his real complaint for 4 precious hours after he suffered the first heart attack at around 7 p.m. He immediately reported the unusual pain to his younger brother Sudhir who was in the next cell from where he could hear Harshad but could not see him Prison doctors saw him but had no medicine for a seizure So Harshad asked them to give him sorbitrate (medicine) which I had given when he was arrested 54 days ago in an emergency kit which was kept in prison. , Harshad asked them to give him this Sorbitrate which kept him alive for about 4 hours. Unfortunately, afterwards the prison authorities did not use this golden time of 4 hours to transfer him to a hospital who could have save the life.”

The website goes on to claim that Harshad Mehta had to walk a long distance to Thane Hospital where he immediately succumbed in a wheelchair after his cardiogram confirmed a second massive heart attack.

“We were later told that an investigation had been ordered by the authorities and even an autopsy had been carried out, but neither this investigation report nor the autopsy report was provided to us despite our repeated requests. The facts above confirm that there was negligence by the prison authorities to treat my husband in time and in fact Sudhir in the next cell was not even informed at 11pm about the transfer of Harshad to the hospital and it was not until the next morning that he was told that his older brother was no more. Me and my family members only arrived at the hospital in Thane after he was already dead and learned some facts from the doctors who treated him. We don’t wish such punishment and tragic death like this even for our enemies,” Jyoti claims on the website.

Harshad Mehta’s widow accused the system of ‘collective punishment’, citing: ‘We feel aggrieved that our basic and other precious constitutional and human rights have been suspended and seriously violated over the past 30 years and that our family is suffering collective punishment even though we have not undertaken a single securities transaction with the banks and no bank has filed claims against us No allegation has been made of violating any law of the land and though the tort law neither contemplates nor supports such treatment of innocent persons, but we have been branded, discriminated against, and singled out by the political dispensation of the time. The Guardian has so far not established of linking or flowing tainted money to us as required by law and the CBI, even after combing through every transaction undertaken by Harshad and studying the flow of money as part of these transactions has not yet named any of us as defendants except the two y younger brothers of Harshad.”

“The breakdown after Harshad’s disappearance was fully exploited by both the income tax department and the banks who imposed on Harshad and the rest of us patently false and illegal claims and the banks have obtained ex parte decrees against Harshad’s estate for much higher amounts and in some cases where no amount was payable at all. The custodian did not dispute the false claims, but rather took advantage of our situation and s is understood with IT and banks in several ways Long before the claims against us were finalized and knowing full well that they were false and highly exaggerated, but the custodian nevertheless supported and obtained the release of Rs. 3285.46 Crores in favor of the IT department and Rs.1716.07 Crores in favor of the banks and thus has fully met all the requirements of taxation and the entirety of the principal sum of the decrees obtained by the banks. To confer benefits on them, the Custodian violated the law enacted by the Honorable Supreme Court in Harshad Shantil al Mehta v. Custodian reported (1998) 5 SCC 1 (hereinafter referred to as Harshad Mehta Judgment) whose violations are explained below. To meet these blatantly illegal demands, the custodian prematurely sold our Blue Chip shares in appreciation at ridiculous prices and thus inflicted on us huge losses of Rs 20,677.28 crore. The above details of losses are provided in the attached table,” the website claims.

Jyoti further added, “The custodian has also caused us losses by willfully not recovering our attached assets from banks and third parties valued at over Rs.5,000 Crores and which included several cases where honorable courts have already ordered him to recover these assets and several orders remain pending to be fulfilled by the Custodian for 25/30 years. The Custodian is governed by two hidden objects, one to hurt us by conferring favors on several third parties using our assets and second to create a huge hole in our assets and then falsely claim that our liabilities exceed the assets.From 2006, when we found out about the custodian’s failings and revealed his illegal conduct, he began to act more vengefully against The custodian also discriminated against us, as in the case of other notified entities, it took back their attached assets of even a few lakhs m But in our case it did not recover our attached assets of thousands of crore s and a table is attached with respect to the others. We also have significant share and accrual recoveries from other notified entities, which is the simplest task as it involves the transfer of shares and funds from other notified entities to us which are both under his control, but in 10 cases even such recoveries amounting to Rs. 463.56 Crores were deliberately not caused by the Custodian who conclusively establishes our claims above. In fact, our shares are sold into their hands and the money has been used to discharge the debts of other notified entities and details of pending collections are provided in the attached table.”

In defense of her late husband, Jyoti claims on the website, “Ever since Harshad was vilified in a trial by the media and continues to this day calling him a ‘crook’ even though he was found not guilty of the allegations made against him and therefore I am compelled and obligated to defend him at least posthumously since the subsequent facts and events completely vindicate him for what he had stated and conclusively demolish the baseless allegations made against him by certain vested interests Since the media, film and web series have kept him alive, I consider it my duty to defend him posthumously since all the facts have come to light and already established, discovered, proven and become irrefutable and most of which are in the form of orders passed by Honorable Courts and Tribunals.

To note: Mint has not independently verified the legitimacy of the website and the claims made.

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