Hiya and Pepephone team up for spam and fraud protection

Through this collaboration, Hiya’s call protection service will be integrated with Pepephone’s Pepeescudo mobile application, allowing customers to protect themselves from nuisance calls by identifying unwanted calls and blocking possible fraudulent calls.

“Pepephone is leading the way in Spain to reinvent the voice experience and deliver principled value to its customers,” said Kush Parikh, President of Hiya.

“Their principles and ours are fully aligned to modernize and improve the mobile customer experience by clearly labeling nuisance calls and enabling their customers to block fraudulent calls before they even occur. We are excited to add our first carrier partner in Spain and bring our cutting edge technology to the people who need it.

The Pepeescudo application uses an analysis engine, developed by Hiya, to monitor calls in real time and assess whether they are spam or fraud. Incoming calls identified as a potential scam or fraud are identified on a phone’s call screen as suspected spam or suspected fraud.

Hiya’s call protection service is powered by self-learning artificial intelligence models and is directly integrated into wireless networks and smartphones around the world.

“The launch of Pepeescudo is, as dictated by our 7th principle, another step towards freeing our customers and other users from unwanted commercial calls. It’s part of who we all are,” said Héctor Cabrejas, senior CVM & eCare specialist at Pepephone.

“Identifying spam and fraudulent calls before our customers respond and giving them the choice to block nuisance calls is something we owe our customers to uphold these principles.”

According to Hiya’s 2022 call status report, Spain received more than 8.9 billion, an average of 20 spam and fraud calls per person per month last year.

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