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He said he was the winner of the company’s Swift Student Challenge, a competition in which young people around the world use Apple’s Swift Playgrounds software to show off their coding skills.

It turned out to be the real deal.

Applicants had to create apps that would help solve problems in their communities, and hundreds of students from 40 countries submitted entries.

The app Jones created is called Ivy and helps users easily identify invasive plant species. The idea came from the many days he spent working in the garden with his grandfather, who died a few years ago.

“My grandfather had a garden that he loved, and he grew so much food that he just allowed people in the community to come in and take what they needed,” said Jones, who is on about to start his senior year. “Even though he couldn’t walk at the end of his life, he used to point fingers and that’s where I planted the seeds for him. But we always had to try to get rid of the kudzu vine – it was a constant struggle.

So Jones decided to create an app that paid homage to his grandfather while helping other gardeners identify and get rid of invasive plants like kudzu.

“I really enjoyed being able to create programs that could show my creativity and passion in a fun and easy way,” he said.

This summer, Jones will help others learn programming languages. “I will teach the next generation of students what it means to learn computer science,” he said. “Because I truly believe that when you are able to learn computer science, you can apply it to so many other areas.”

Jones comes from a long line of educators, including her mother, brother and late grandfather, who Mays said would approve of the app.

“He was a man of few words,” Jones said. “But I think he would be like, ‘Squirt, you did a good job.'”

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