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Although my website is still relatively new, the index is quite low. How can a new website improve its Google index?


This is a very generic question, so you may only get generic answers.

  • Get backlinks. The easiest way is to use your own social networks (instagram, facebook, etc.)
  • Keep adding fresh, quality content regularly.
  • Survey: What are people searching for in relation to your website’s subject matter? When there are a lot of searches on a specific topic, it means people are interested in that content. These are ideas for future articles. If you choose the topics that have a lot of searches but the least competition, your own site will grow faster.

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It’s very true, the days when you could load a webpage with keywords and boost your ratings are over.

Rather, it’s about providing content that attracts people and adding new content that retains them – and then wait!

You can research what people are searching for and what keywords or phrases they are using with certainty, but also look at how you write your page titles and descriptions and how much page information Google displays because that will help determine if someone clicks on the link.

You won’t get a good rating based on design alone, it will depend on whether people visit, like, recommend and revisit your site.

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You should improve your vebsite by these SEO criteria:

  • internal optimization (content should be unique, try to avoid spam links);
  • external optimization (you need to get good quality backlinks).

You can also do an analysis of your competitors to understand if you are missing something important.

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