How not to lose backlinks and monitor website uptime performance

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Online website uptime performance and backlink portfolio monitoring tools for website owners and SEO agencies.

GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, July 12, 2022 / — A new Australian startup is coming to the online space with useful monitoring tools to help website owners and SEO agencies monitor website uptime and backlink portfolio performance.

A well-known fact is that Google rates a domain based on its online uptime performance and backlink portfolio profile. Therefore, one of the most difficult tasks for every web admin is to earn a quality backlink.
But what next? How do you know you’re getting the best link performance and if that link still exists?

It’s here that Linkascope superb offer backlink monitoring solutions.

Linkascope is a new name in SEO platforms and backlink checkers. The company aims to provide comprehensive monitoring solutions for web administrators to help improve website performance and overall search result position.

The company’s founders have a background in SEO and web development, putting their knowledge and experience into unique online tools and data analytics. Linkascope provides two key features, backlink profile monitoring and website uptime monitoring, along with additional analysis and research tools.

Backlink profile monitoring:
Unlike most well-known backlink checker platforms, Linkascope aims to monitor and control the existing backlink portfolio. The role of Linkascope is to monitor the backlinks already pointing to a website. The system will instantly notify the website owner or SEO agency of broken or lost links and simultaneously can send a notification to the backlink provider or seller. With an immediate alarm, the website admin can take necessary action to restore the lost backlink or request a refund from the backlink provider.

Website uptime monitoring
Website monitoring is an important and valuable tool for controlling website performance. In fact, most website owners or administrators are not notified of website downtime, either temporarily or permanently. Linkascope provides a 24/7 monitoring tool that continuously monitors the website and alerts the web admin when the website is offline. Monitoring is especially useful for website owners and SEO agencies to monitor their clients’ websites. With the instant notification web, the administrator can take care of an issue immediately to restore website availability without losing customers or online sales.

Linkascope strives to provide quality SEO monitoring, but not only. Additionally, the company provides more valuable SEO research tools to help web administrators optimize for search engines.

Analitycs is an essential attribute in SEO, and Linkascope stays on top, providing valuable tools for anchor ratings and referring domain trackers. The webmaster can use these tools to analyze the value of the anchor and detect if it stays in the “green zone” regarding the spam score of the website.

Besides the complete monitoring solution, Linkcascope provides a marketplace for backlink awareness content providers and marketers. Each business or freelancer providing this service must qualify before they can be listed on Linkascopes Marketplace. Strict vendor vetting adds value and security for any webmaster looking to improve website domain rating and build a portfolio of quality backlinks.

Linkascope is a brand new company that has just launched on the market. Yet he has a clear vision and roadmap for his development and implementation of additional tools and services for his client, focusing on providing the best option and the best value.

The company launches its service for the international market and all countries focusing on the customer, promises strong customer service and strives for customer success.

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