How to fix video issues on the Zoom app

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Check how to fix video issues on the Zoom app

Telecommuting is more popular than ever, and thousands of businesses are using video conferencing to keep their employees informed. Zoom and other online meeting tools make this easier than ever, but like any other software, issues will arise that will interrupt or even prevent good video calls.

Fortunately, while there are some outages that you can’t do much about, you can often fix typical issues on your own. To keep your Zoom calls working properly, we’ve put together the most common Zoom issues that users face and provided step-by-step instructions on how to fix them. Nothing is more frustrating than when the webcam or audio is not working during a zoom call. If your webcam isn’t showing or is selected but not working, try some of these basic tips first.

Make sure to allow access to the camera and microphone.

Whether you’re trying to access Zoom on the web, on your phone, or in your browser. You will still find that certain permissions are required to access your microphone and camera. If you deny access to any of these permissions on a smartphone, the Zoom Cloud meeting app will not work.

If you are using the desktop app or the browser, when you start Zoom, be sure to allow these permissions to work as expected. In addition to the permission for the Zoom app, if you have a system-wide privacy option on the Mac or webcam permissions, on Windows, make sure you also give the camera l ‘access to the Zoom application.

Activate the option “Start with the video”

Unlike many other video conferencing options, Zoom has a neat little feature that lets you turn video streaming on or off when you start the call.

This way, of course, you can avoid accidental mistakes. However, if you didn’t know and the video was turned off, you might want to turn it on the next time you call to make sure your video is accessible.

Disable the option “Disable my video when I participate in a meeting”

  • Open the Zoom app and tap the “Settings” icon in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Now go to the Video option.
  • Here, scroll down to the meeting option and uncheck the “turn off my video when joining a meeting” option.

Check camera settings in the Zoom app

If you have connected a separate webcam or other webcam app for your video streaming, you need to check the Camera option in the Zoom app. This could be the reason for an empty video stream.

All you need to do is go to video settings and then switch the camera to the other options available. And that should largely solve the problem.

Close background apps using camera / microphone

Sometimes some background programs may already have access to your camera and microphone, which is why Zoom receives an error message while accessing. In this case, make sure that no other application is accessing the camera and microphone.

As an added mention, in my personal experience, I often leave my music DAW running in the background, but it actually locks the audio driver, so if I don’t close it, I can’t use the video conferencing options with it. audio, Follow the instructions. steps below for unwanted background apps.

  • Open Settings by searching the Start menu.
  • Now click on Privacy.
  • Scroll down to the left panel and click on Background Apps.
  • Now in the “Choose which apps can run in the background” section, turn off the toggle switch for the apps you want to restrict.

Make sure you have the latest Zoom app

It’s always important to make sure you’re running the latest version of an app. Not only can you fix the issues, but you also fixed the latest security issues. You will therefore have to update your Zoom application if you have not already done so, both on smartphones and on PCs.

Update video drivers

Sometimes the app works fine, but its video controller is in the safe (rare cases). If none of the other solutions work for you, be sure to update the video drivers (NVIDIA / AMD) to make sure the drivers work as expected.

Camera hardware or USB issues

If your USB port has a problem, the webcam may not detect the problem in Zoom. USB ports sometimes suddenly stop working due to software or hardware failures. Restart your computer for a quick fix of the USB not detecting error. If anything is stuck inside the USB port, clean it with a toothpick or any small plastic object.

Restart your system

It’s fun for the average consumer that a simple restart fixes a lot of problems. But technically, a reboot will reset the software (or system) state and start over. So if a process crashes, a restart will reset the state and start over.

You never know what is causing the problem when there are many important programs running in the background. In this case, a simple restart should do the job.

Final words: How to fix video issues on the Zoom app

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