How to prevent spam on Telegram app 2022

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Check how to prevent spam on Telegram app

Telegram has managed to become very popular over the years. Facebook’s latest blunder has also brought a ton of new users to the company. Telegram is currently (at the time of writing) a communication app on the Play Store. That said, it is used by many people and due to its popularity, there is a lot of spam going around. To be clear, there is not a single option to touch and of course all spam will be blocked. However, you can change a few settings and essentially block spam altogether.

We’ll show you how to do this on Android, although the procedure is more or less the same on iOS. As we all know that every coin has two sides in the same way that Telegram also has many spammers on the platform. Spammers spam in groups, personal chats, and add random group chats. We are all annoyed by these spammers at some point.

Report spam to the Telegram team

First, if you find someone spamming in a personal or group chat, just report the message and the moderation team will take action.

Follow these steps to report spam to the Telegram team:

  • Open the spammers chat or search for spam in a group.
  • Tap or right-click the message and choose Report.
  • Choose “Spam” from the list of report options.
  • Telegram will forward this particular message to its moderation team.
  • Telegram’s moderation team will review your report and take action.

To block a spammer, follow these steps

  • Open the spammer’s Telegram chat.
  • Tap the spammer’s profile icon.
  • Click on the three-dot menu and Block telegram spammers.
  • Block spammers on Telegram.
  • From now on, you will no longer receive spam from this person.

Final Words: How to Prevent Spam on the Telegram App

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