How to Use App Library in iOS 14 2022

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While Home Screen Widgets offers an updated UI with customizable widgets in different sizes, App Library offers some nice options to organize and simplify app access with generated categories/folders automatically, the ability to hide app pages, and a new way to manage downloads, app alphabet listing and more. The App Library is located at the bottom of your recent iPhone app page. A major new change in iOS 14 with home screen widgets is the iPhone App Library. The feature offers a new way to manage the many apps you have with auto-generated categories, a new alphabetical view, the ability to hide app pages, and more.

The new App Library in iOS 14 is a simple idea that turns out to be a boon for productivity. You can carefully select your front home screen with your most-used apps, and you might have spent a good hour or ten organizing and rearranging the rest of your app screens. But it’s true, you only know the first or second screen. Now the App Library adds another screen to its list, but it’s remarkably useful. It contains folder-like categories, but the contents of those folders automatically change to reflect what you use and what you don’t.

How to Use App Library in iOS 14

To find your apps

There are several ways to open apps from the App Library.

  • Tap an app you see in a folder. The App Library sorts all your apps into categories and shows you a preview of some of the apps in that category. You’ll likely see that some app icons are full size, while others are smaller. Tap a full-size app to open it immediately, or tap smaller icons to open and browse the entire folder.
  • Find all your apps. Tap the search box at the top of the app library screen to search for the app you want. Also, you will see an alphabetical list of all your apps. You can scroll and touch the app you want to launch. It’s a useful feature and it’s the best way to see all your apps.

To hide applications from the home screen

One of the most powerful benefits of the new App Library is that it lets you hide apps from the home screen. Whether you want to hide apps you rarely use or are looking for a minimalist home screen with just a few of your most essential apps, you can banish all unwanted apps from your app library. It’s a convenient way to optimize your iPhone without deleting apps completely.

  • On the home screen, long press the icon of the app you want to hide until its context menu appears.
  • Tap “Delete app”.
  • In the pop-up window, tap “Move to Application Library”.

Final Words: How to Use App Library in iOS 14

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