How to Use Hide My Email in Apple’s Mail App

Many websites require us to register to get the most out of it. Inevitably, this requires providing our email address. This, in turn, leads to tons of spam. To help you, Apple has developed its Hide My Email feature of iCloud+. This creates a randomly generated email address that you can provide instead. Emails to this address are forwarded to your real account, and you can easily disable the random one if it gets too annoying. Here’s how you can use Hide My Email in Apple’s Mail app.

Help maintain privacy best practices

Most iCloud+ subscribers who have used Hide My Email know how to set it up in their browser or in an app. Once enabled in your iCloud Settings, iOS and iPadOS 15 ask you if you want to use the feature each time you create an account on a website or in an app.

This lets you sign up to the site you’re not so sure about without exposing your real email address. If you are bombarded with spam, you can simply delete the backup address or stop forwarding.

What most people don’t realize is that you can also use Hide My Email in Apple’s Mail app.

Get Hide My Email to Work in Apple’s Mail App

Suppose you need to email someone, but you don’t want them to know your real address. By using Hide My Email, you don’t need to send this message from your real account. After tapping the icon to create a new message, tap the Cc/Bcc, From: field in the Mail app.

Next, tap on your iCloud account email address, then Hide my email. The app generates a random email address for you, which will be forwarded to your real account. Even better, iOS saves this Hide My Email address with the recipient as a label.

This means that the next time you send an email to this recipient, all you have to do is press Hide my email again and the previously used forwarding email is automatically used.

How do I turn off hide forwarding of my emails

So that email you sent turned out to do exactly what you hoped it wouldn’t. You find yourself buried in spam from this recipient. Fortunately, Apple has thought of this and offers a way to disable forwarding. The email address still works, but you don’t see the spam.

Go to Settings and tap your name. From there, tap iCloud > Hide my email, followed by the random address you want to disable. Then press Disable email address > Disable.

Disabling Hide My Email Address

That’s all we can say about it. No more spam, no more clutter, and you’re back to a peaceful inbox experience.

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