Increase your protection against spammers with this WordPress plugin

Nowadays, we are constantly inundated with tons of spam emails, some of which may contain dangerous links and attachments. Spammers can easily harvest email addresses from websites, often through source code. If you use WordPress for your website needs, this email protection plugin can significantly reduce the amount of spam reaching your inbox.

Normally, when an email address appears on a web page, it is also part of the source code which can be easily identified and put together. By using the WordPress Email Protection plugin, the address becomes undetectable. Instead, the plugin converts it into a clickable image that opens an email client. You can easily customize the appearance of your email addresses while setting them up for protection. Additionally, anyone who might add their email address to your website through a post or comment can also rest assured that their address is protected.

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Here are some interesting spam statistics: almost 85% of all emails are spam, or about 122 billion messages per day. Americans admit to losing more than $700,000 to Nigerian prince scams in 2019. Email spam costs businesses $20.5 billion every year. These numbers are staggering and although it is highly unlikely that we will be able to eliminate all the spam we receive, one way to reduce the number is to hide your email addresses from detection by hackers, bots and crawlers.

So, as tempting as it might be to see how much your “Uncle George” left you, or how much money you won in that lottery you never entered, you better not receive not those emails to start with. Although unwanted phone calls may persist, here’s one area you can take some control over. For a one-time purchase of just $9.99, you will receive this email protection WordPress plugin to use on a website and ward off hackers at the source.

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