Is NGL Link anonymous? How the Instagram Q&A app works

NGL is an anonymous messaging app for Instagram. However, there have been concerns about whether the app reveals users’ identities.

The NGL link being shared by instagram users allow their friends and followers to send them anonymous messages, but does the app really keep a sender’s identity private? NGL stands for “not gonna lie”, which is quite fitting given the app’s premise. The app was launched in November 2021 by a team based in Venice Beach, California, but only recently became popular on Instagram.

Like most social media apps, Instagram doesn’t offer any built-in anonymous features. There’s an option to ask a question and create a quiz or poll in Stories, but users can still see which accounts have responded, even if those people aren’t following them. This could prevent a user from getting honest answers, as people are not always comfortable sharing their true opinion. This is where anonymous apps come in.


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NGL is an app designed to work with Instagram, allowing users to receive anonymous messages via an NGL link intended for sharing on a user’s stories or bio. The application is available on Android and iPhone. After downloading it, users will be prompted to enter their Instagram ID, which will generate a link that can be copied. Users can now open Instagram and swipe right on the home screen to open the camera view. Upload an image or background of your choice, then tap the sticker icon (smiley face). Click on the ‘Link’ sticker, and paste the NGL link. Now add any additional text and publish the story. Alternatively, users can go to their Instagram profile page, click ‘Edit profile’ and paste their NGL link in their bio. Other people will now be able to click the link to send anonymous messages, even if the NGL app is not installed.

Is the NGL app anonymous?

NGL Link app for Instagram

Once a user receives an anonymous message, they can open the NGL app and tap the Inbox tab at the top to view the messages. There is an option to reply to the post, which shares the post as an Instagram story and allows the user to post a public reply. There is also a ‘Who sent this? button displayed under each new message. By clicking on it, Pro members will be able to see clues about who sent a message. As expected, this feature is paid, and you can choose from three subscription tiers priced at $1.99, $4.99, or $9.99. However, the Pro subscription does not actually reveal who sent the message. Instead, it provides arbitrary clues such as person’s location and phone model.

So to answer this question, yes the NGL app is anonymous. The whole premise is built around anonymous messages, so revealing the sender doesn’t really work in its favor. NGL says it is working to bring “more specific adviceto pro subscribers, but it’s unlikely to ever reveal the true identities of people who send anonymous messages. At the moment, the Pro subscription looks a bit like a scam from the developers of the app. In reviews of the app, some users have even alleged that the “hints” aren’t very accurate either. instagram users can post over NGL links without worrying about their identity being revealed.

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