Is the new Profile Pic app on Android? All you need to know

New Profile Pic stands out as one of the biggest smartphone apps of 2022. It has been very popular among iPhone users, but is the app also on Android?

New profile photo is one of the biggest apps of the year — but can you use it if you have an Android device? Even in 2022, this is still a question that comes up with any new smartphone application. While most of the major apps are readily available on Android and iOS, some apps remain exclusive to iPhone. This is the case of Spam App, Happy Scale, Truth Social and others. For small apps without large developer teams, sometimes it makes sense to stay iOS-exclusive and not launch an Android counterpart.

One of the latest apps to take the world by storm is the New Profile Pic app. On the surface, New Profile Pic is pretty straightforward. You upload a photo of yourself, let the new profile photo apply a cartoon filter to your photo, and then you can use that photo as a new profile photo on your social media pages. Although it doesn’t seem particularly noteworthy, New Profile Pic exploded as one of the most popular apps of 2022. It was the #1 free app on the iPhone App Store for part of 2022, and at At the time of posting, it’s still the #5 most popular free app.


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The new profile picture was a definite hit for iPhone users, but what about Android users? Unlike the apps mentioned above, New Profile Pic is available for Android devices. Moreover, the New Profile Pic app on Android works exactly the same as on iOS – the only difference being the operating system for which it was developed. Since Android availability is not always guaranteed for smaller apps like New Profile Pic, seeing the app on Android is a good idea.

How to Get a New Profile Picture on Your Android Phone

The New Profile Picture app

If you have an Android phone and want to use New Profile Pic, getting started is no more difficult than any other app. Open the Play Store, tap the search bar at the top of the screen and search for “New Profile Picture”. You will want to download the one called “NewProfilePic: Profile Picture”. The app icon features a photo of someone on a yellow/white background, and the app is created by “Linerock Investments LTD”. There are already New Profile Pic imposters on the Play Store, so make sure you download the correct one.

After downloading New Profile Pic on your Android device, setting up the app is also quite easy. Upon opening New Profile Pic, users are prompted to sign up for New Profile Pic Pro subscription. Luckily, you can avoid this by tapping the “X” icon in the upper left corner. You can then tap the green “Choose Photo” button, select the photo you want to edit, and wait for the new profile photo to work its AI magic. In seconds, you’ll have a profile picture that looks like a hand-drawn cartoon! And that’s really all there is to use New profile photo on Android. Find the app on play store, download it and start creating new profile pictures for yourself.

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