Is the Travel Boost app on Android? Here’s everything we know

Travel Boost is one of the many viral smartphone apps of 2022. But can you get it on Android? Here’s a rundown of everything we know!

Travel boast exploded in March 2022 as one of the most popular iPhone apps – leaving many wondering if Travel Boost is also on Android. Although we are only a few months into the year, 2022 has proven to be amazing for smartphone apps. From Locket Widget, NoteIt, Prequel, Spam App and others, these little apps have helped keep our phones fresh and exciting.

One of the latest apps to join the fray is Travel Boost. As the name suggests, the app offers users a fun way to brag about their travels on social media. You download Travel Boost, enter where you’re coming from, where you’re going, and your route. Travel Boast uses this information and creates a short cartoon video of your trip (ala a travel map animation of IndianaJones). It’s fun, cute, and a unique way to share your world travels.


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Unfortunately, Travel Boost is only available for certain devices. At press time, you can only get the Travel Boost app on Apple hardware, including iPhone, iPad, and Macs with the M1 chip. In other words, the Travel Boat app is do not available for Android. There are countless apps on the Google Play Store claiming to be Travel Boost, but none of them are the real thing.

Android Travel Boat app is under development

TravelBoast App

But there is good news! Although there is no Android Travel Boost app at the moment, the developers behind the app are actively working on an Android version. The developers confirmed the news on Instagram in June 2021, saying: “We’ve started making a version for Android!!!! I can’t believe it! We’ll try to finish it before winter.” After missing the winter deadline, Travel Boast released on March 12, 2022 that the Android app “will be available in late spring.” Most recently, a March 26 post confirmed that Travel Boat’s Android app is set to launch “may’s beginning.”

While it’s annoying that Android users have to wait, the fact that an Android app is even in development is great news. Some of these small apps often forego an Android version and focus exclusively on their iPhone version. This is the case with Spam App, Happy Scale and many others. bragging journey The Android app may lag behind its iOS counterpart, but we’re still glad that actually happens.

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