JP Morgan Chase Bank app and website is down or not working

After the catastrophic Wells Fargo outage and more recently the ING Australia outage, it now appears that Chase Bank’s servers are down.

Here are some reports:

Even maps don’t work for some:

We can at least access the bank’s website, so it is possible that only a group of users are facing this problem.

For his part, Chase hasn’t said anything about this reported outage — at least not via his official social media channels. Ironically, this outage comes on the day it emerged that JP Morgan, owner of Chase Bank, has started rolling out JPM Coin, America’s first bank-backed cryptocurrency.

Coming back to the outage, we are watching closely and will update the story as we have more newsworthy information on this. Until then, use the comments section below to let us know your current experience with Chase Bank.

Update 1

Chase customer service advises some customers that this is scheduled maintenance, but not ETA for when the system will be operational.

Update 2

Looks like it’s Chase’s Wells Fargo-style breakdown day:

Update 3

Chase acknowledged the problem:

We know some customers are having trouble accessing the mobile app and our website. We want to let you know that we are working on it. thank you for your patience

Update 4

We are now seeing reports of spam text messages claiming to be from Chase Bank. Customers doubt fraud and share their experiences online. Here are some reports:

Update 5

Looks like Chase customer support is giving mixed information. Earlier we highlighted how some users are notified that this is a planned outage. But now this:

Update 6

Here is a workaround shared by the user to view account details and transactions:

Try it out and let us know if it works for you.

Update 7

The lack of frequent updates from the bank during this outage has people turning to their favorite “hacked” specs at times like these:

Update 8

It’s been over 5 hours since this outage started and Chase has only offered one update. Of course, customers are not happy:

Update 9

If you’re going by what Chase customer service told one customer (report below), things seem to be pretty messed up within the bank’s IT division at the moment.

Update 10 (February 19, 2019)

We are now seeing reports that Chase Bank services are on the rise.

Update 11 (02 September 2022)

5:28 p.m. (IST): Many users have adopted Twitter to report that the JP Morgan Chase app and website are currently down or not working for them. Also, reports on Descent detector send the same.

Update 12 (05 September 2022)

6:46 p.m. (IST): According to reports on Descent detectorthe recent JP Morgan Chase app outage has now been resolved.

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