Marble Launches First Rewards-Based Mobile App for Insurance

NEW YORK, May 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Marble, the all-in-one insurance premium platform where households can organize, optimize and save with confidence on all their insurance, regardless of provider, today announced the launch of its highly anticipated mobile app. The Marble app is now available for free download via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Since Marble’s public beta launch a year ago, tens of thousands of households have used Marble’s free tools to take control of nearly $20 million in insurance premiums. Generally considered a frustrating household expense, Marble allows members to proactively manage their insurance and risk.

As challenger banks have grown in popularity and established financial institutions have embraced modern technology, American consumers now expect to manage their finances through cutting-edge digital experiences and intuitive design. While the traditional insurance industry invests millions of dollars in TV ads instead of meeting this consumer demand, Marble has built the modern one-stop-shop for knowledgeable and proactive policyholders.

  • Americans spend up to 10% of their household budget on insurance, but the industry has yet to implement a modern, engaging rewards program
  • While the industry spends nearly “$60 for a single person, couple, or family buying insurance” on advertising, consumers are reporting less brand differentiation every year.
  • Since 2014, insurance companies’ NPS scores have only improved by 2%, despite the wave of new digital tools that have come to market and millions of dollars in investment

“Within a year, Marble will store and manage more premiums than some of the largest insurance agencies in the United States. It’s the clearest sign that we’re building something millions of Americans want. Policyholders are tired of seeing rising rates and consecutive insurance advertisements – they want simple, intuitive digital tools and rewards they can use in their daily lives,” said Stuart Winchester, Founder and CEO of Marble.

“Our mandate is to listen to our members and build the tools they need to take control of their insurance. Building a beautiful and modern digital app was something we knew we wanted to do from the start and we’re excited to deliver it.

Marble has created a universal insurance app to provide a secure and innovative online service that also allows modern households to earn rewards for protecting what they love. Member benefits include:

  • Take control of all risks and insurance in one account
  • Shopping and reducing prices using Marble’s anti-spam tools
  • Search for carriers with our double-checked reviews – users can trust that our reviews are written by real Marble members who actually have insurance with this company
  • Quickly contact a carrier or start a claims process with just a few clicks
  • Enjoying exclusive partnership offers and benefits through our Marble Monday series
  • Earn and redeem rewards for gift cards, charity, or even cryptocurrencies

And Marble is just getting started. Working in partnership with our community of hundreds of Marble Ambassadors who have private access to make direct product and feature requests, we will be releasing exciting new features for the Marble mobile app every month.

About marble
If you have insurance, you need Marble. Founded in 2020, Marble is a single-hub digital wallet that allows members to buy, compare, explore, pay and, for the first time ever, earn rewards on their insurance premium payments . Membership is free. Marble members are insured by the nation’s largest insurance agencies and can combine their auto, home, renters, pet, life, and other types of personal insurance. Marble is proudly based in New York, New York. For more information or to create an account, visit Follow us on Twitter @JoinMarble.

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