Microsoft Outlook Lite brings a robust experience in a streamlined application

Microsoft has decided to go ahead and release a simplified version of its email application called Outlook Lite, although the application may have “Lite” in the name, it is by no means light on features as it still manages to offer a robust set of tools with optimizations and the best part? The app weighs just 5MB, making it a great option for anyone who is still using an older, less powerful device.

Microsoft Outlook Lite is a surprisingly lightweight yet feature-packed application

Despite its small size, Microsoft Outlook Lite brings many features and provides users with centralized and convenient access to emails, calendar and contacts. Users will also be able to make calls from the app using Skype. Additionally, there is a “Focused Inbox” giving users the ability to see the most important emails, you also get smart filters for messages and organizational tools like the ability to apply tags and sort emails into different folders. The app also has time-saving tools like suggested replies, and an email organizer that can group messages together, making it easier for everyone to keep them in one place. order.

On top of that, Microsoft Outlook LIte focuses on Microsoft-backed security in more ways than one. The app has built-in spam protection and also requires authentication every time you log in. Beyond that, the app protects against viruses and can also detect phishing attacks. This means that all threats will be sent to a potential threats folder where users can better focus on incoming messages. Considering all these features, you would be surprised that the app is optimized to work perfectly on devices with 1GB of RAM.

Going a step further, Microsoft Outlook Lite brings low power consumption meaning it won’t hog the battery, and given how heavily data dependent it is, it also has optimizations for use with 4G and even 2G networks. However, there is a slight drawback as the app is only available in certain regions. Currently, you can download the app in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and in Venezuela. Microsoft certainly plans to add more countries in the future. You can head over to the Google Play Store and get your hands on the app.

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