Mozilla rolls out Total Cookie Protection to everyone on Firefox

The open-source browser will make it much harder for cookies to track every move you make

Mozilla is increasingly positioning Firefox as the privacy champion among all the top browsers. The company recently introduced different levels of tracking protection and no longer allows HTTP connections by default. Another thing its engineers are working on is called Total Cookie Protection (TCP). The protection layer is meant to make cross-site tracking even more difficult, and now Firefox has announced that it’s rolling out TCP to all of its users by default on Windows and Mac.


TCP restricts cookies to the sites on which they were created, preventing tracking companies from using this technology to track your movements across different websites. An infographic shared by Mozilla makes it clear that this is achieved by separating the storage of cookies from site to site. Unlike more aggressive solutions, Mozilla’s approach simply limits third-party cookies to individual websites rather than blocking them outright. Mozilla writes: “This approach strikes a balance between eliminating the worst privacy properties of third-party cookies – particularly the ability to track you – and allowing those cookies to fulfill their less invasive use cases (e.g., to provide accurate analyses).”

Source: Mozilla

Mozilla initially introduced TCP as an optional feature in 2021, when it was only enabled by default in incognito browsing. Since then, it has gradually moved to other Mozilla products, including Firefox Focus. In fact, Mozilla writes that it’s been working on TCP since 2015 with the release of Tracking Protection, its first privacy-centric feature that was limited to incognito mode. The company then really started to get stronger on the privacy front in 2018. That’s when it introduced options to limit and block trackers in Firefox, and it only did grow in this privacy-centric field ever since.

As for Total Cookie Protection on Android, a Mozilla spokesperson told us, “Total Cookie Protection has been enabled by default for Android users of the Firefox Focus app since January 2022. We are working to make it available in Firefox for Android.”

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