New best app to sell gift cards in 2022

These days, it’s no longer about how to send money or sell gift cards. It’s more about which app to use.

Known applications come in forms and sensations. Although most of them have similar functionality and are designed to replicate a similar business model, users seem to care more about their experience and the functionality of these apps.

Therefore, there are usually questions regarding the best apps for performing digital financial transactions, especially based on user experience and convenience. So this article will explore the new best app to sell gift cards in 2022.

Over the years, technology users not only want to try new things, they also want to use new technologies that better and differently address their problems. This is where ShapShap fully integrates as a new Fintech app for redeeming gift cards.

The app solves every single delay that can be associated with using payment apps and redeeming gift cards. It takes the stress out of sign-up and gets straight to business, ensuring users sell gift cards and receive payment in less than three minutes. Moreover, your funds are completely safe with strong security measures on this app. Did you just say wow?! It’s by far the best choice for us because it offers fast, convenient, and secure gift card sales in a somewhat all-in-one app. Luckily, this app is available on both Android and iOS operating system users.

The way this app works is just one of the reasons why it’s a top choice for redeeming cash and gift cards. The creator of this app seems to understand new media users and their time constraint as there is a lot of information online to feed rather than being saddled with a fake registration responsibility on an app. So, he simplified the process with an email integration approach. How do I mean?

To use the ShapShap app, there is no registration stress. Simply enter your email address to initiate a transaction. Your email will therefore automatically validate your identity in the background to avoid bots and spam. Likewise, transaction details and updates are sent to your email address. However, you need to make sure you are entering the correct email at this point.

Once done, you will need to enter your business information, after which you will get an accurate update. You will need less than three minutes of waiting to complete your transactions and you should receive your payment almost immediately. Using this app, you can easily track your transaction progress with the “Check Transaction Status” feature. If you have any problems, you don’t have to worry. The application has been designed to solve even the slightest problem that you have with the use of other applications that serve similar purposes. You can easily talk with the support team via live chats and WhatsApp. Easy, isn’t it? Maybe ShapShap is easy.

A multi-currency exchange app

ShapShap places no artificial limits on your gift card redemption goals. Thus, it ensures that you can redeem gift cards for fiat in multiple currencies like US Dollar, Naira, and Cedis (mainly due to your catchment area). Other than that, the app lets you redeem your gift cards for the universally accepted cryptocurrency bitcoin. With bitcoin in your wallet, you are sure to exchange your funds for any other currency you need within minutes.

A trading app for life

Once you download ShapShap app on your phone, you won’t need any other gift card app for money exchange. Of course, what will be the need for an alternative when you have an all-in-one solution for your gift card transaction needs. The safety, speed and convenience of using the app cannot be overemphasized. Most importantly, the app works 24/7, so you can trade anytime you want. Likewise, the helpdesk is available 24/7 to provide any form of help and support that you may need with your transactions.

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