New Oklahoma Blood Institute antibody test provides insight into protection against COVID-19

New test gives insight into where people stand on COVID-19 protection. Oklahoma residents who donate blood can now expect more information about their health.

“The previous test only detected natural infection of covid-19. This new test also detects antibodies from vaccines, whether it is booster or just the vaccine itself,” said Carson Cunningham, public relations manager for the Oklahoma Blood Institute.

OBI said the new antigen test can tell people vaccinated how effective the vaccine is against the virus.

“If they test positive, it’s more than likely because of the vaccine and the booster. It tells them that these antibodies are in their system and that they are more effective at fighting the virus, ”Cunningham said.

Cunningham said it also helps unvaccinated people decide whether to get vaccinated.

“I know a lot of Oklahoma people are deciding whether to get the shot, whether to get the booster. If they come to donate blood, they will have more information about their position, ”he said.

Anyone who donates blood can be tested. Donors will have access to the results on their donor portal.

“The fact that we have entered the third year of the pandemic seemed important to us to provide additional information to our donors who donate their time and blood for us,” said the public relations manager.

Cunningham hopes the new test will increase donations.

“Our donations are down at this time of year, so we hope the new antibody test will further inspire our donors in addition to saving lives,” he said.

OBI will provide the antibody test throughout this month. People can book an appointment online or simply on site.

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