No more unknown number..? New Truecaller app…?

No more unknown number..!? New Truecaller app…?

As telecoms and PLATFORM wallets’ target=”_blank” title=”digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are just a click away, CLICK NOW”>digital services in India are growing day by day, provide secure services to people has become very important. Recently, Union Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnav released the PLATFORM wallet project’ target=”_blank” title=”digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW”>digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 last week. The bill, which was released earlier, was brought back amid overwhelming opposition. One of the main highlights of the project is that regulations have been tightened in that data management companies must take proper security measures or face a fine of up to Rs 250 crore. It is at this stage that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government will introduce the important service.
The central government has launched a new service like the Truecaller app, which not only displays the caller’s name but also helps telecom customers in several ways. With this app, there will be no more unknown numbers, such a service can provide reliable service to government people alike. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TROI) has introduced a KYC-based caller ID system for customers, which will be a platform with 100% reliability, and the service is expected to be introduced within the next 3 weeks. . Vaghela Telecom has a wide range of services in the field of customer engagement. In this situation, he said that caller ID service like Truecaller, which is developed by Troy, will be released to people in the next 2-3 weeks. The Swedish start-up Truecaller app provides its customers with not only caller ID, but also call blocking, flash messaging, call recording, chat and voice services. provides To benefit from this service, the user must first provide his mobile phone number. This application is available on Android and iOS platforms.In September, Secretary V. Raghunandan, India’s telecommunications regulator, said the new service was to be introduced as TRAI was continuously investigating unwanted callers. The telecom industry is working on a new proprietary initiative where the opposite end’s name will be displayed based on KYC when one receives a call on their phone, he said. When the government provides such services which are widely used by the people, it is not only to reduce the theft of personal data, but also people can use these services reliably. As the central government created the UPI platform and disrupted the whole payment market, this service is also expected to be very popular among the people.

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