Note from our editor: We’ve launched a redesigned website

Today, LkldNow is launching a technology upgrade and a total overhaul of our website,

For several years, we wanted to modernize our website to provide a more sophisticated presentation of news, better display photos, improve readability and reflect our evolution as a news organization.

We were finally able to update the site now thanks to a Knight Foundation Sustainable Publishing Solutions Grant.

Some of the reasons we are excited about the website updates:

  • Readability. Titles and text are bigger, darker and better proportioned.
  • Photo display. Sometimes it feels like we’re hiding our great photos with the “old” design. Photos are much more visible on our new homepage and article pages.
  • Related Articles. We have better and more attractive options for highlighting articles related to the one you are reading.
  • Our original report is central to the new design and selected items play a smaller, secondary role.
  • Mobile friendly. From the start, our website was designed to work well on mobile devices, where the majority of our readers discover our news. The new site improves the user experience for reading on mobile phones.
  • More than a glance. We will be able to quickly adjust our homepage design based on new demands. Our default design shows more news on the first screen of the home page when viewed on a computer or tablet.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities increase for local businesses and organizations, including a lower cost sponsorship category.

LkldNow was one of 25 independent news organizations to receive the award Knight Publishing Fellowships earlier this year in a national competitive process.

The grant enabled LkldNow to move our website to Newspack a publishing platform designed for small and medium-sized news organizations that incorporates best practices for presenting news and increasing readership.

Newspack is part of Automatique the company behind WordPress, which powers LkldNow and 455 million other websites.

Newspack’s staff and the nearly 200 participating news organizations include some of the best minds in independent news publishing and there is an emphasis on collaboration and problem solving. The staff was very helpful in our transition to a new platform.

We hope you like the new design, but we also recognize that sometimes it takes some getting used to. If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions, please email us and we’ll get back to you.

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