Oh no! Facebook Gaming’s app is dead

Meta stumbled again, this time announcing the closure of its standalone Facebook Gaming app. The app’s official death is October 28, so enjoy it while you still can. That doesn’t mean Facebook Gaming is going away completely. You’ll just be forced to use the original Facebook app. You will find the functions of the app under the “Games” tab.

How very Meta

The app lived a fairly short life and first saw the light of day in 2020. The idea was to compete with the growing live gaming market, which has been booming amid the COVID pandemic. Meta didn’t provide a reason for the shutdown, although we expected it to get more numbers on the original Facebook app. It’s also possible that the cost will become too high, with an insufficient number of users to justify its extended lifespan.

While Facebook Gaming was only second to Twitch in terms of views, Engadget found that most of the platform is riddled with spam and pirated content. This renders the vast majority of the numbers almost useless as they are based on non-gaming content.

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Users have the option to upload their research data to ease the transition. But it could be one of the final nails in Facebook Gaming’s coffin as a collective. We will have to wait and see.

Source: Engadget

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