OU launches NIL website linking businesses and athletes for endorsement deals

The University of Oklahoma is launching a new platform to connect businesses and student-athletes for Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) agreements.

“When it actually happened, there weren’t a lot of rules in place, so it was more of an every man for himself thing than we expected, and I think that forced us to play a bit of catch-up,” OU’s executive assistant athletic director, Kenny Mossman.

Since an NCAA rule change on July 1, OU athletes have been targeted with sponsorship deals.

“As the NIL process started to unfold, companies and athletes were coming together to develop these arrangements, but there was really no platform for them to come together and meet,” Mossman said.

Now through Organization unit swap, businesses, collectives and individuals can access a searchable database of OU student athletes. According to the university, athletes will be automatically added to the platform but can choose to opt out.

“Kind of a 24-hour job fair if you will,” Mossman said.

Although the platform and organizational unit are not involved in the negotiation of the agreement, they notify the compliance office once an agreement is reached. He also prepares year-end 1099 tax documents for athletes.

According to Mossman, business registration began last week and the platform will fully open in about a week. So far, the deals seem ripe for conclusion.

“Apparently our particular site’s traffic has been among the national leaders,” Mossman said.

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