Papa John’s sued for eavesdropping on mouse clicks and keystrokes on website

Papa John’s is being sued by a customer, not for his pizza, but for allegedly violating the US wiretapping law in snooping on how he navigated the pie-slinger’s website. From a report: The fat-wheeled titan is accused of breaking wiretapping rules by using so-called session replay software on his website. This software records and phones home everything a user does on the site, beyond what retrieving pages and placing an order would submit, we’re told. For example, it tells Papa John’s where the mouse is moved and clicked, and what is typed on the page, it is claimed [PDF]. This information can be used to determine where users are stuck, bail out a sale, get lost, etc. Session replay tools have been a privacy concern due to their indiscriminate capture of data, sometimes poor security, and failure to obtain user consent to track and store that data, not to mention the has analysts examine your every move to see how they can optimize their web pages and increase sales. On the other hand, you might not see it as a big concern given all the other material data a website might have about you – such as name, email and address. name, date of birth, orders placed, payment details, etc. etc

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