Prime pop culture website Daily Research Plot has been revamped, with the launch of the new Bollywood news portal

Daily Research Plot – one of the fastest growing entertainment news portals, founded in 2019 by Balram Jee Jha, revamped and launched Bollywood and Tollywood news website TheTollywoodLife.Com

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – New Delhi, Delhi May 2, 2022 ( – After being one of the best and fastest growing Entertainment news portal in the United States and Canada, Daily Research Plot revamped its UI and UX on April 12, 2022, Balram Jee Jha who launched the website in 2019 under his digital marketing and media solutions company Crisp Multimedia Solutions Pvt. ltd. also started Bollywood and Tollywood news website named The Tollywood Life.

“The movie and TV series fandom has been taken to the next level by the authors and contributors of the website, as the detailed theories and fans in articles by the nerdy authors of Daily Research Plot have always been referenced in various forums of comics and superheroes. , communities and discussion groups » said by Balram Jee Jha on the launch date of “TheTollywood Life”. He keeps on “From a team of 10 to over 50 authors and around 5 million views per month in just 3 years, it’s truly remarkable, and we’ll be focusing on the same tactics for our Indian entertainment portal, we’ll be working on celebrity interviews, series and film reviews. and will organize events on the issues of various regional and Bollywood film industries”.

So far, the media group has launched various other websites and social media channels for various genres such as FTTTVPEDIA.COMFTTANIME.COM, AnimePedia.Com and hindi news GazetaPost.Com which are operated from its offices in India and the United States.

Authentic and exclusive content is one of the main keywords for all authors in the media group. In the spam and fake news market, daily research plots and their derivatives have always been branded for their quality and authentic content.

“The Sensation can lead to spamming and that’s why we always thoroughly research all possible areas before publishing content on our portals, which keeps our articles on another level on Google News and other aggregators. “, said Sr. Content Moderato and Planner Manjeet Mahato, who is also the co-founder of Daily Research Plot.

The company has various future plans for its social media presence and the team is also working on their social media handles which have a good following across all platforms.

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